Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finally moved

We can now say we live here, it is really nice to be done moving! We put a lot of stuff into storage because obviously all of us and our stuff would not fit in this. But it is all working out ok. We now have a generator so we are able to use all of our tools and we can build stuff which is good because that is how we support our extravagant life style. It has been so long since I blogged here are some things we did that I did not have time to post. Things were so crazy but now we are hoping to get back to our simple little life that we have come to enjoy. First this is the first real platform bed that we have done. A school ordered two of them. Then we delivered them and they ordered two more. Then they told us they want two more. We like that. And we liked how the beds turned out.
This little bed deserves it's own post maybe I will get to it. But the short version of the story is that a long time ago a customer sent us an email saying they wanted us to build them a bed, but they did not know what yet. We put them on our schedule. Then due to them moving and us moving and our fire and on and on it took some time. Eventually they sent us a picture of what they had in mind. This is the end result. We loved it. It is sort of a short Clairamy. The stairs are also different from any we have done before.

Right now we are finishing up our work shop, and some toddler bunk beds and getting ready to build some book cases that a customer designed. I am looking fore ward to those. More to come about our off grid life, and what we are working on.