Friday, June 1, 2012

How to order bunnk bed plans and tee shirt stands

I wish I was smart enough to put some sort of button on here so you could just order straight from my blog.  Unfortunately for all of us I am not that smart.  I do have a plan though to make it easier.  I do have these items for sale on ebay so I am going to put a link to those sales at the bottom of this post.  We have been very happy with the sales of both of these items but lets just see if this helps at all.  Now if you hate ebay, don't have an acount with them or have deep convictions that keep you from using them no problem.  You can still order by sending us an email at  Let us know what you want to order and we will either give you our paypal account info or our address so you can mail an old fashioned check.  We will just hold on to the check till it clears our bank and  then ship your order.

So to order the tee shirt stand fallow this link to our add on ebay   .  And to order the plans to build toddler bunk beds pictured in this post go to this link .  We are working on more plans.  We will soon have the plans for the Jeffery twin bunk beds as well as the Ciera twin bunks.  As always if you have any questions just ask either through a comment here or an email to the abouve address.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Proof we build more than beds

This is a commercial display stand.  It is going to display soap, but it could display other things.  I think I will put an add on Craigslist  who knows, someone may want one.  This one is made of oak, but it could be made of pine to keep the price down.  Also as always we can make changes to suit particular needs.  It could be taller, longer, could have more shelves, or any other change you wanted.
Up next, we have a set of Jeremy style bunk beds coming up.  As well as a big build day at my parents house on May 5th.  I will post some of those pictures as well.  Oh yeah and we are making a tv stand with John Wayne in the doors.  Lots of fun.  I may even get some pictures of our babies up.  Our house has been turned into a nursery lately.  My dad gave the kids two goslings that hatched out late, and our cat had kittens this morning.  So at last count we have two goslings, and four kittens.  Not to mention the four kids, three dogs and the three adult cats.  Wow it seems like a lot when you put it in print.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fire, a hippo and mattresses

I know at first glance these things don't seem to  go together at all.  But if you bear with me you may see that they are really very random and one actually has nothing to do with the others.
 My parents had a fire in January.  I have not posted much about it for many reasons.  Mostly I think because it was just too much.  I am still not going to dwell on it, but wanted to post a couple pictures so that when I post some of the new house, which is being built by volunteers there will be some context.  Also there are a couple things we will be doing that I want to post on here that we would not have done if not for the fire.  One is a cool table for my mom.  My hubby has really outdone himself on it.  A new porch swing that my niece is having made for them.  She remembers sitting on the porch in the swing when she was little and wants them to have a new one.  And last we are going to be building the cabinets for them and I will be posting some pictures of those.
 I think the pictures of the fire speak for themselves.  It was a total loss.  My parents were very fortunate to get our as it happened at 3:00am.  The dogs that woke them up and saved them were not as fortunate.  And now they are starting from scratch at 70 and 75.  That is the best part, they are both here to start over together.
I threw in the hippo because pictures of fires are depressing.  How can a hippo not make you smile.  Especially this one.  It is at Homassassa springs in FL.  We took the kids there and this naughty hippo has a habit of backing up to the wall where the people are and then just exploding out of the back end.  If you go there do not stand too close to the wall!

Now Mattresses.  We now have a source for mattresses.  So if you are buying beds from us and you are in need of mattresses ask, we may be cheaper, or not but it does not hurt to ask.  We can not include them in a payment plan at this time because we have to pay for them up front.  Also we do not cary them in stock so we need to have lead time to order them.

If you have any questions or want to place an order you can email us at

Friday, April 13, 2012

Bar tables and tee shirt stands

We are always looking for a good thing to do with our scrap wood. It is just too nice to throw away, and you only need so much kindling. We thought about toys, but we would have to buy some tools to be serious about that. This I think is our best idea so far. So far we have sold 18 of them. As promised, Bar tables. So far we have done two kinds. This is the first step in the first kind. It is round. But it starts out square.

Then it is round.

It ends up pretty cool. We only made the top of this one, it is for sale at Reggie's Store in Fredericktown, MO. The owner made the base himself. He did a pretty cool one and says we can use his design. If you were interested in this style just let us know, we can get you pricing and more about it.

This one is all us. It is 36 inches tall. We really love it. There is some storage on the bottom, or a place for your feet. Like everything we do, we can make the color any you like, or adjust the hight.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

What have we been up to?

Well, a lot actually, of course we still build beds, but we have added a few new tricks as well. We are still taking orders to sell directly and to do custom work. But we also build furniture for a small store in Fredericktown, MO called Reggie's Store. These are some of the things we have made for them.
I love these little Islands/bar tables. They are awsome. For the store we make them fairly standard as to size and color and you can go there today and buy one or look at them. But we can custom build them to any size and change the tile and color to what you are looking for.
I apparently like them so much that I put the picture in twice. I would like to say I'm just out of practice but we all know that is not true. I have done this several other times as well. These lovely pictures were taken at Reggie's store in fact.

This is one of the coolest things we have done for them, this is a tv stand or entertainment center. The wolves are metal signs. There are several other's to choose from. The next one we make will be with John Wayne. Also they don't have to have anything on the doors, infact the doors can be left off entirely. I think this one is sold, but there are others there right now, or we can make one just for you in any color and the size you want. Like everything we build they are solid wood, in this case cabinet grade plywood. Never ever particle board.

This may be my favorite thing ever. It is an old fashioned pie safe. We put punched tin in the doors. It was very fun. This one and one other are available now at Reggie's. We would love to play more with the punched tin. I think it could be cool for a wine rack with a grape motif.

Of course we have done more than that but it may take time to catch up. Next post I will try to put up some more of the bar tables we have done for the store. They are fun to do and solid wood so they should last. I will also catch up on some of the other stuff, like fires, construction at our house and other things. And of course all the bed styles are still available. The plans for the Ciera toddler beds are available and we almost have plans for Jeffery style twin bunks ready to go. If you would like information about anything you see here, send us an email at

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Little ladders

Today I put stain on these three ladders for toddler bunk beds. When I was done I looked at them and it made me laugh, not out loud laughing like crazy people do walking down the street all by themselves and their invisivle friend tells a good joke. The internal laugh like sane people do when they are alone. and something amuses them.
When we paint or stain ladders we put the little leg things on th bottom so they will stand alone and we can get all the surfaces at once. One of the many good ideas my husband had. I always think it is a little funny to see a ladder standing alone in the middle of a room, going nowhere. But three of them was so funny that I had to go get the camera and take a picture and share.
I think they look like some kind of bizare linup.
In case you are wondering the colors are from left to right, red oak, early american, and ebony.
I love putting the stain on the furniture. When I looked at them thismorning stackd together they looked like lumber, now they look like furniture standing at attention. How cool is that.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Toddler bunk bed plans

so I have mentioned before we have the plans to build some of the toddler bunk beds. We did this for a couple reasons. One it was fun. And also we figure that people who have two children small enough to sleep in toddler size bunk beds are probably not amoung the most wealthy in the world. We know we have four and kids are an expensive hobby. Especially when they need things like diapers and they go through five or six outfits each day.

We do build the beds, we do ship the beds but the shipping is steep, almost as much as the beds. So we made the plans so that you can either build them yourself if you are handy and have the tools. Or you can find a local woodworker to pay to build them. Or you could find someone that will work for beer, food, clean clothes or just because they think their grandkids/neices/nefiews are the cutest things in the world and they would do anything for them. I suggest working the cute kids angle just as often as you can. Kids really do have a shelf life when it comes to cute, I say get the most out of it before they turn into sullen teen agers.

The plans are $15.00. They can either be emailed to you or sent on a disk in the mail. They are written on oppen software. They have pictures and step by step directions. Also a materials list and a cut list.

Right now we only have the Ciera style plans finished. We are working on the Jeffery right now. If you want to order a set you can send me an email at I can either get you our Paypal information or give you our address to mail you the disk.