Friday, April 30, 2010

some days

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head? I do sometimes it drives me crazy and I just have to go to you tube and listen to the song, that sometimes helps. Others I have to listen to anything else. My husband hates it when I share the song stuck in my head because it seems to be contagious. Although sometimes the songs that get stuck in my head are so random and obscure he has no idea what they are. Today it is "Some Days" by Meridith Brooks. I doubt he would ever get that one stuck in his head. So I will have to suffer alone. Anyway I thought I would fallow the theme in my head and tell you about some of my recent days. My little girl picked me wildflowers the other day, and then took pictures of them. I loved the flowers, of course and I thought the pictures weren't bad so I am sharing.
I did find batteries (read that my husband found batteries) for the camera. So here are some pictures of the bed we delivered last. It is a Jeremy twin loft with a bookshelf. The color is honey pine. It matched the other furniture in the room quite well. They were happy, we were happy, (read relieved it is a little stressful trying to match other finishes)

Our customer noticed the little dark circle of the plugs. That is cool, my hubby knowing how much I love the contrast used oak dowel to make the plugs and they turned out very cool. So cool she noticed and cool she read enough of the blog to know about them.

Yesterday and today I have been taking care of a sick hubby. I knew he didn't feel good yesterday but I just expected the normal icks. I completely forgot about our oldest staying after school, so when he called I rushed off with the other kids to get him. I was an hour late because of the fact I forgot and they are doing construction on the road and I was stuck. ("some days are better than others....some days whatever") So when we got back hubby was in his chair with a blanket shivering. It was like 80 inside so I took his temp and it was 104. Not good for a grown up. I gave him a dose of fever reducer, waited nothing still 104, gave him more, waited nothing still 104. Then I made him take a cool bath for about 15 mins, he told me he did not like me, which I told him was ok because I know he loves me. Then checked him again, still 104. Then I made him put ice packs on his neck and under his arms, he did not like me again. It came down to 103! Before bed I gave him more fever meds and at about 1:30 he was not hot to the touch anymore. This morning it was only 101, we can live with that. He is in bed. I am pretty sure he has the same thing our youngest had last week. He just can't get a little sick, when he does it he does it all the way.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

some house news

We have had so much going on I have neglected blogging. So on the bed front we are still behind and the transmission went out on out truck and that is further complicating things. So bed pictures are going to be a little slow in coming. We are working on beds, I have some pictures of our last delivery on the camera but my kids left the camera on and the batteries are dead so I cant download them. I will get there. We are getting caught up slowly. We are working on three Clair beds and a toddler bed from Etsy. We are really trying to get caught up on those. We are still not advertising for new work just yet.

Our plan is to get our minivan back on the road and use it for deliveries. Which will change the nature of our delivery abilities somewhat. We will not be able to deliver the bigger beds anymore. So we will focus on twin and toddler size beds as well as the kitchens. Hopefully we can stay busy enough with those things. Now on to the house. We are actually close to physically moving onto our own corner of my dad's farm. We have two more walls up. And thanks to my parents we have water up there. Today they are delivering the rest of the concrete we need to pour the rest of our footing for the foundation. That will allow us to get the power hooked up at the least expensive rate possible. So we have been very busy on that project.

But the thing that puts us very close to moving is a camping trailer that my brother bought while he was here last week. It is 30 feet long, a 1985 and it has a working bathroom with a shower and a kitchen. He is letting us use it and that makes it possible for us to move up there. A shower and a kitchen really make a huge difference. We are very grateful for his kindness. So that will help us make the transition more smoothly till we are further along.
I am looking froward to just being there. Lately it has seemed that we have been mentally and physically in two places. And that just gets exhausting, and generally impedes any progress. I am hopping that physically inhabiting only one space will make that more simple and help us to be able to focus on what we need to get done.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cecelia's Bed

We delivered this Jeremy twin loft to Cecelia on Saturday, and we forgot our camera, again. Her mom was kind enough to take these pictures and email them to us. She had to get in the closet to get some of them, I think that counts as way above and beyond for a customer. A huge thank you for the work and for the pictures. They look great. We did not build the doll house. But I must say it looks good under our bed.
I always love the little people who we deliver beds to. They are so excited and happy to have a new bed, and Cecelia was no exception. I think we may have heard her giggling the whole time we were setting up the bed. If you can't hear an adorable little giggle at your place of employment I suggest looking for a new job, you would be surprised what a difference it makes in the whole day if you can hear giggling for an hour straight

This was the first time we put the stairs and the bookshelf at the same end of the bed. It looks great I think.

These fancy little feet are an option on the Jeremy style twin loft, we do not use them on a full loft. If you want them you need to let us know when you order. They do add something especially on a girls bed. Thank you again for the great pictures!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring time

Today we had to drive to get some material, and the world is turning green. I love it. I can never pick a favorite season I always just look forward to the next one. But Spring is always good. One of the cool things about spring is baby stuff. There are new calves at my dad's place. Including a new little Jersey steer who is just about the most adorable little thing I have ever seen. Today my dad showed up with this little guy. He caught him in his pond and wanted to show the kids. They named him Fudge, I have no idea why.
They wanted to keep him as a pet in the worst way. Well at first they were afraid he might be a snapping turtle. It made me laugh they would not put their hand in the bucket until I assured them that it would not bite them.

He really was a cute little thing. But we made them go and put him in the creek. With everything that we have going on right now his chances of survival are much higher in the wild.

This is some of what we are so busy with. On Friday we poured cement. 49 bags of cement, which my husband figured out is almost 4,000 lbs of concrete. He carried it into the hole and then I mixed it with a hoe in the wheelbarrow and then he poured it into the forms. So technically he move all of it twice. If you have been fallowing along you know that we have to finish this in order to meet the requirement of the local power company for a less expensive power hook up. We still have about 24 bags left to pour and a little digging to do. But we don't want to think about it, maybe in a few more days when my husbands body is a little more over it we will think about it.

The building that you see behind it is the part of the house that we are going to finish first. It will be like a small cabin to live in while we build the rest of it. Because we are doing this without a loan it will take some time, and we did not want to do the thing where we live in a mobile home while we build, in our price range they are not very nice. So we decided to go this route. When we are done with the whole house it will look like it was all done at the same time. We figure that nothing will motivate us to keep going on the rest of the house like living in a small cabin with four kids.
Up next some pictures of the bed we delivered on Saturday. We forgot our camera, again. And our customer was kind enough to take some pictures and email them to us. I will share them next time.