Friday, June 1, 2012

How to order bunnk bed plans and tee shirt stands

I wish I was smart enough to put some sort of button on here so you could just order straight from my blog.  Unfortunately for all of us I am not that smart.  I do have a plan though to make it easier.  I do have these items for sale on ebay so I am going to put a link to those sales at the bottom of this post.  We have been very happy with the sales of both of these items but lets just see if this helps at all.  Now if you hate ebay, don't have an acount with them or have deep convictions that keep you from using them no problem.  You can still order by sending us an email at  Let us know what you want to order and we will either give you our paypal account info or our address so you can mail an old fashioned check.  We will just hold on to the check till it clears our bank and  then ship your order.

So to order the tee shirt stand fallow this link to our add on ebay   .  And to order the plans to build toddler bunk beds pictured in this post go to this link .  We are working on more plans.  We will soon have the plans for the Jeffery twin bunk beds as well as the Ciera twin bunks.  As always if you have any questions just ask either through a comment here or an email to the abouve address.