Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This is a little toddler bed we did some time back, it turned out so good I almost wanted to have little ones again to sleep in it so I could justify keeping it for ourselves. This color is called Bombay mahogany. This is a twin over full in the Ciera style this color is red mahogany. It turned out really cool as well.
I think it is my favorite storage cabinet we have done to date.

I would like to say that is why I put the same picture of it up twice, but no I was just distracted. It happens.

In other news, we have mostly moved. I guess you could say we are living "off grid" . It sounds much better to put it that way than to say that the power company changed their story and now power will be twice what we thought it would. So now we will have to save a little longer to get it hooked up. For now we are working at my brother's house where there is power, but soon we are thinking we will buy a generator for our power tools and then we can be self sufficient. I will keep you updated.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another great idea

Ok, I will get to the great idea in a minute. This is a triple bunk bed. This one happens to be the James style, and it is not completely set up. They were going to paint it themselves but her husband was not home so we set it up this much so that it would be easier for them to figure out. The slats are not on any of the beds and the safety rail is not on the one bunk. So you will have to use your imagination to see it finished. Any you will need to try hard to be more imaginative than this mom was.
She also had the problem to solve of three kids and one room. In this case girls. This room is even smaller than the one with the three loft beds of the previous post. So the triple bunk was the only way to go, and the James was a good choice because the ladder is built in so it will not take up more floor space. Notice the yellow on the walls? That is not paint it is paper. She bought a huge roll of paper from a teacher supply store and she puts it on the wall and her little artist get to decorate all they want. When it gets too full or they are tired of their masterpieces she simply changes the paper. I love that idea. I have one in particular that is a little artist. He draws on everything anyway so what a cool idea to make it ok to draw on the wall.

Another thing that makes her the coolest mom in the world is that each little girl got to pick the color of their own bed. See what I mean about needing your imagination to see it finished. How cool is that?
Up next a tail of two mahogany's.