Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This is a little toddler bed we did some time back, it turned out so good I almost wanted to have little ones again to sleep in it so I could justify keeping it for ourselves. This color is called Bombay mahogany. This is a twin over full in the Ciera style this color is red mahogany. It turned out really cool as well.
I think it is my favorite storage cabinet we have done to date.

I would like to say that is why I put the same picture of it up twice, but no I was just distracted. It happens.

In other news, we have mostly moved. I guess you could say we are living "off grid" . It sounds much better to put it that way than to say that the power company changed their story and now power will be twice what we thought it would. So now we will have to save a little longer to get it hooked up. For now we are working at my brother's house where there is power, but soon we are thinking we will buy a generator for our power tools and then we can be self sufficient. I will keep you updated.

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