Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Little ladders

Today I put stain on these three ladders for toddler bunk beds. When I was done I looked at them and it made me laugh, not out loud laughing like crazy people do walking down the street all by themselves and their invisivle friend tells a good joke. The internal laugh like sane people do when they are alone. and something amuses them.
When we paint or stain ladders we put the little leg things on th bottom so they will stand alone and we can get all the surfaces at once. One of the many good ideas my husband had. I always think it is a little funny to see a ladder standing alone in the middle of a room, going nowhere. But three of them was so funny that I had to go get the camera and take a picture and share.
I think they look like some kind of bizare linup.
In case you are wondering the colors are from left to right, red oak, early american, and ebony.
I love putting the stain on the furniture. When I looked at them thismorning stackd together they looked like lumber, now they look like furniture standing at attention. How cool is that.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Toddler bunk bed plans

so I have mentioned before we have the plans to build some of the toddler bunk beds. We did this for a couple reasons. One it was fun. And also we figure that people who have two children small enough to sleep in toddler size bunk beds are probably not amoung the most wealthy in the world. We know we have four and kids are an expensive hobby. Especially when they need things like diapers and they go through five or six outfits each day.

We do build the beds, we do ship the beds but the shipping is steep, almost as much as the beds. So we made the plans so that you can either build them yourself if you are handy and have the tools. Or you can find a local woodworker to pay to build them. Or you could find someone that will work for beer, food, clean clothes or just because they think their grandkids/neices/nefiews are the cutest things in the world and they would do anything for them. I suggest working the cute kids angle just as often as you can. Kids really do have a shelf life when it comes to cute, I say get the most out of it before they turn into sullen teen agers.

The plans are $15.00. They can either be emailed to you or sent on a disk in the mail. They are written on oppen office.org software. They have pictures and step by step directions. Also a materials list and a cut list.

Right now we only have the Ciera style plans finished. We are working on the Jeffery right now. If you want to order a set you can send me an email at fhlunsford@msn.com. I can either get you our Paypal information or give you our address to mail you the disk.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Random thoughts

So it has been a while since my last post, we were switching from satalite internet to dial up. I know it is a step backwards in the technology world but what can I say that is how we role. So that makes for some new blogging rules, well actually only one that I can think of right now which is good because I hate rules anyway. So I will probably only put up one photo per blog, notice how I changed that from a rule to probably. I told you I hate rules.
So a lot happens in the amount of time since I last blogged. This picture is one of the things that has happened for us. That used to be my paint shop. In the fall we had a storm with big bad wind. The paint shop went airborn. This picture was actually after we pulled it down it was further up in the tree. It is a long story and not very fun but sufice it to say it was an interesting night for us.
I have to say I was loving having my own space. I was all set up and in a groove and now I am back to painting and staining wherever there is room and time. Most of the time we have been trading off in his woodshop. He builds some stuff and then it get's stained or painted. This does work, but it slows things down because he can not cut or sand while painting or staining is going on. So we feel like we are crawling through orders. But we are getting better at it and it won't be forever. Eventually we will work something else out.
Lately we have been working on toddler size bunk beds. We got backed up with orders and we are playing catch up. We have two new styles, the Jeffery and the Jeremy. I will put them up next time. They are pretty cute.
Also I am going to be adding a page for the plans for the toddler bunk beds. We have the ones for the Ciera ready now, and we are working on the Jeffery. I am not sure if we will do the Jeremy or not. The arch is a little hard to explain how to do. I think it is one of those things that is in his head and it might be hard to get out.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mystery shopping

This is the Jeremy in English Chestnut. I always like to state the color in the post, sometimes it helps people get an idea what color they want. I think it turned out pretty good. Now to the title of the post, we went to a furniture store the other day. I will not kid you this is not something we have done often in our life. The most time we time we spent in one was when I was in labor with our first son, we were buying a brand new couch. Unusual for us, most of our furniture has been hand me down or second hand. I can tell you that a furniture store is not a bad place to be in labor, it is not hard to find a comfortable place to sit out a contraction. It amazes me how the light makes the color completely different.
Any way about our adventure to the furniture store. We went in there to look at kids bed, bunk beds. Not to buy one but to see if we are way off on pricing. The prices have long since left my mind, I am not good at numbers. I am not the one to ask how much we paid for our first car, or the one we have now for that matter, they leave my head almost instantly. But they only had one style of kids furniture to offer, that was it. The one price that did strike me is that if you bought bunk beds you had to pay $70 if you wanted a ladder. Who would buy a set of bunk beds for the kids and not need a ladder.
Up next is a Jeremy set of bunk beds that comes apart, with stairs and it is painted Fragrant Jasmine. I can tell you for sure that the paint smells the same as any other.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So as a reminder that the site is only "mostly" beds. Here are some dressers we have made, some in the past and some recently. This is one with four drawers. They are made of solid wood. This particular color is not available anymore because for some reason Minwax feels the need to change the colors from time to time. This is our basic style. This is one that was built in to a loft bed. And it is a little different style. We can do this style with the bead board as a stand alone dresser with four or five drawers as well. It is a little more than the one above. It matches the Clair style bed frame really well too. This color is called Pickled Oak.
This last one is a five drawer. The color is English Chestnut. I loved this color. We did a set of Jeremy bunk beds that matched it. I will post some pictures of them next. It is a great color.

Lately, we have felt like we were living in one of those post apocalyptic movies where the machines rebel. It seems like everything mechanical we have has broken down. But maybe we have them all back in line now. In the last few weeks my poor husband has fixed the hot water heater, which meant tearing the cupboards in our travel trailer apart because whoever put it in put the access to the element facing the wrong way. He has fixed the generator, repeatedly, I think that one is going to hold for a while now. And just about completely rebuilt the front end of our van. He is tired of machines at this point and would rather stick to working with wood.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


I just was looking at the newspaper add for a furniture store locally that was advertising Free financing. I read the fine print. If you are late on a payment or don't pay it off in 12 months you have to pay 25% interest from the day you bought it. That seems a little bit deceptive to me. So we have started to finance, (yes I do know how to spell it, I just don't know how to edit the page now that I posted it). Here is the deal, we don't want to make more money than we do making the beds. We will not charge interest, there are no penalties. It's just that we do realize that it is hard for many people to come up with cash to buy anything. Honestly if we were trying to buy beds for our kids from us it may not happen if we had to have cash. And we don't use credit cards, it seems we might not be the only ones in the world who are tired of giving money to the credit card companies. So if you are interested in financing your purchase click on the misspelled page to the left and take a look at the terms, if you have any questions let us know.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We goofed, we do that. Once in a while thankfully not very often but once in a while it does happen. And I hate that it was on this bed. This is a customer who has been waiting. We have three of them who have been very patient and we were so happy to have one done and be moving on to number two. Then we went and goofed it up. When we set this one up it looked wrong but we were in a hurry and didn't see it. But our customer did. That is the great thing about our blog. It lets our customers look over our shoulder and say that is not the way I thought it would be. We would much rather catch something at this point. Especially one like this bed that is being shipped. It would be much harder to fix the problem after we shipped it. Anyway here is the problem, the ladder should be on the end. It is so obvious of course it should be on the end, how could you use the drawer if the ladder was in front of it. I hate feeling stupid. But it does happen. So this week we are making a new headboard with the ladder opening in it. And working on our second bed that is waiting.

Here is something not related to our beds, and not a mistake really. One day this summer my husband decided to make me an oven outside. It was more of an experiment than a final project. He wanted to make sure it will all work out before he makes one out of more permanent materials. This one did work though. I made bread in it, flat bread not like a loaf of bread. We have made pizza and brownies. I love it. It does not make it hot in my house to bake. The one that we make for permanent will have to have fire brick, concrete block will eventually break from the heat. But it was a fun experiment. The kids had fun helping. The only one who was not all that excited was the little dog in the picture. Mack was pretty sure it was a new dog house for him right up until we started the fire. Look how longingly he is looking at it. It's a hard life for a little dog.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some new ideas

We have a couple new ideas. First one is a bed kit. This is for example the kit for the Ciera Toddler bunk beds. We have it for sale on Etsy and you can order it direct by sending us an email at fhlunsford@msn.com. We could do this for any bed you see on our blog. We can still deliver locally for free, or we can ship it anywhere. It will save you on the price of the bed and if you have some time and a couple tools you can put it together yourself. So if you are interested in a kit for any bed you see here just let us know by sending us an email. You would get all of the wood pieces, drilled, cut, sanded and ready to put together. Instructions and if you are local all the hardware you need. If we are shipping you can get the hardware cheaper locally to you than paying us and paying shipping. Idea number two. Plans for beds. So far we only have the plans for this Ciera style bunk bed set. It is actually a lot of work to get them together but kind of fun too. If you are interested in these, send us an email at fhlunsford@msn.com we will let you know how to order a set. We can either email them to you or send you a disk. They include a list of the things you must purchase, the tools you need to use, the cuts you must make and instructions with pictures to make things a little clearer, hopefully.
So let us know if you are interested in either of those things. Next time I will post some of what is going on for us besides beds.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just a quick blog today. We are on the run. This is a little toddler bed we did that I love, it has two drawers underneath. It is cool. We have gotten back to busy pretty fast. We had three little beds that got in a loop from before out move. This is the one that was ordered first. It is very good to get it ready to ship out. We still have two more, one is not a Ciera style which is cool. It has seemed like all the toddlers we have done have been Ciera style and all this color for some reason. So we have one comming up that is neither a Ciera style or this color. It is a Jeffery and it will be early american. Pictures of it stained will be next.

The kids have started school now so we are getting into a normal working routine again. We love the quiet but it is strange when they are all gone.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Back to work

No pictures today, just me typing on some one elses computer.

We are back to work. Summer was a bit slow and crazy so far. With our move sort of dominating things. Have you ever done something and then just looked back and thought wow that was terrible? That is how our move ended up being. Somehow it just did not go the way we thought it would when we started, but everything does come to an end, both good and bad things. We are getting used to the rhythm of life with a generator. When it runs we do everything, laundry, charge batteries for the lights, charge cell phones, vacuum, and cut the kids hair. We are hoping to get regular power soon for the wood shop. We are going to sell a car I think, anyone want to buy a Chevy Lumina?

When things get slow you start thinking maybe we should do something else. I have to say though that I am very glad that things are picking up. Once you find something you love to do it is hard to think of giving it up. I do love working with my husband at home. I love that when I am done with my work I can look at something visible and see what I have done. It is great to see a nice shiny new bed and know that we did that with our own hands.

The summer was not a waste though, we have had a lot of time with the kids and that is never a waste of time. Hopefully I will get some pictures up next time from my own computer. I have a great picture from a customer in Texas. The amazing part for us of the picture is how they got the whole bed in the picture, we tried to get decent pictures in the room and could not. So I have to post it just to show off her talent.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finally moved

We can now say we live here, it is really nice to be done moving! We put a lot of stuff into storage because obviously all of us and our stuff would not fit in this. But it is all working out ok. We now have a generator so we are able to use all of our tools and we can build stuff which is good because that is how we support our extravagant life style. It has been so long since I blogged here are some things we did that I did not have time to post. Things were so crazy but now we are hoping to get back to our simple little life that we have come to enjoy. First this is the first real platform bed that we have done. A school ordered two of them. Then we delivered them and they ordered two more. Then they told us they want two more. We like that. And we liked how the beds turned out.
This little bed deserves it's own post maybe I will get to it. But the short version of the story is that a long time ago a customer sent us an email saying they wanted us to build them a bed, but they did not know what yet. We put them on our schedule. Then due to them moving and us moving and our fire and on and on it took some time. Eventually they sent us a picture of what they had in mind. This is the end result. We loved it. It is sort of a short Clairamy. The stairs are also different from any we have done before.

Right now we are finishing up our work shop, and some toddler bunk beds and getting ready to build some book cases that a customer designed. I am looking fore ward to those. More to come about our off grid life, and what we are working on.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This is a little toddler bed we did some time back, it turned out so good I almost wanted to have little ones again to sleep in it so I could justify keeping it for ourselves. This color is called Bombay mahogany. This is a twin over full in the Ciera style this color is red mahogany. It turned out really cool as well.
I think it is my favorite storage cabinet we have done to date.

I would like to say that is why I put the same picture of it up twice, but no I was just distracted. It happens.

In other news, we have mostly moved. I guess you could say we are living "off grid" . It sounds much better to put it that way than to say that the power company changed their story and now power will be twice what we thought it would. So now we will have to save a little longer to get it hooked up. For now we are working at my brother's house where there is power, but soon we are thinking we will buy a generator for our power tools and then we can be self sufficient. I will keep you updated.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another great idea

Ok, I will get to the great idea in a minute. This is a triple bunk bed. This one happens to be the James style, and it is not completely set up. They were going to paint it themselves but her husband was not home so we set it up this much so that it would be easier for them to figure out. The slats are not on any of the beds and the safety rail is not on the one bunk. So you will have to use your imagination to see it finished. Any you will need to try hard to be more imaginative than this mom was.
She also had the problem to solve of three kids and one room. In this case girls. This room is even smaller than the one with the three loft beds of the previous post. So the triple bunk was the only way to go, and the James was a good choice because the ladder is built in so it will not take up more floor space. Notice the yellow on the walls? That is not paint it is paper. She bought a huge roll of paper from a teacher supply store and she puts it on the wall and her little artist get to decorate all they want. When it gets too full or they are tired of their masterpieces she simply changes the paper. I love that idea. I have one in particular that is a little artist. He draws on everything anyway so what a cool idea to make it ok to draw on the wall.

Another thing that makes her the coolest mom in the world is that each little girl got to pick the color of their own bed. See what I mean about needing your imagination to see it finished. How cool is that?
Up next a tail of two mahogany's.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

one mom, lots of good ideas

At some point in our lives we all end up trying to make the best of what could be an inconvenient situation. And when we are the mom we try hard to make it the best we can for our little ones. The situation of our customer was not by any means a bad thing. They are (perhaps by now they have already had) expecting their fourth baby. The delima comes in because the first three were boys and the fourth one has had the good taste to be a girl. So when you only have two rooms for the kids the boys have to go together and the girl gets her own, of course right. So she ordered from us three very cool loft beds. She had some great ideas to make sure that each one has a very cool space all his own even if it is in the same room as his two brothers. She did some things that I can't believe no one else had done yet. First she had a small writing desk put on each one, as far from his brother's as possible. We have done other kinds of desks, several in fact but not a very simple one like this.
Her next awesome idea was to add a clothes rod, closet rod, hanger rod? I don't know what to call it, we all have one in our closet I have never until now called it anything weird. Okay I'm back sorry, I again am amazed that no one else has wanted that, it is a great idea. Freddy made the little support in the middle so I had to take a picture of it.

She bought these cool things for them to put clothes in. The school they go to has uniforms so she is thinking they can have their uniforms in them and they will be handy for climbing out of bed and into school clothes. Smart mom.

Overall I think they turned out great. I can see each of them making the space under their bed their own. She even let each of them choose a color for their wall.

Up next another mom's solution to three girls in one room. The best part of what we do is I get to see every one else's great ideas and then I can make use of them myself. The next mom had a great idea that I just might have to steal.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Babies, babies, babies

First an update on the chicks. They are all doing well, the chicken outside has four little ones fallowing her around, which is adorable. I love to watch a hen with her chicks. And the ones inside are doing well too. They are getting their feathers. And they fill our house with their little peeps. Now moving on to today's babies. This morning my dad came over with a bucket of baby opossums. When he went out to the barn this morning there was a momma opossum with her babies and the dogs went after her. He got to her and took her far away from his dogs with four of her babies still with her. But these four got separated from their momma, and my dad being the big softie that he is had to save them from the dogs and then give them to the kids.
The kids were so excited to find out there was a baby opossum waiting for each of them.

They are kind of cute I have to admit. Most likely we will raise them up until they are big enough to fend for themselves and then let them go. But in the mean time the kids are in heaven. They love the way the little things grab your finger with their tail. It reminds me of when a baby grabs anything that touches it's hand.

My daughter thanked me for letting them stay. She said she was surprised because of my "no rodents for pets" rule. I got off the hook by telling her that they are not rodents, they are marsupials. It is always better when you are the mom if you don't break your own rules.
I do have some bed pictures to put up, but they will have to wait for another day, I was just more in the mood to put these up today.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Big news here

Our chickens had chickens. I can't answer the question for the whole world but in our case the chicken came before the egg. Last year we bought some chicks and raised them up and now our chickens have hatched out chicks. They are much better at it than we are, we tried the incubator thing last year and we were not so good at it. I forget how many eggs we put in, but we got two to hatch out and they both died in a couple days.
The kids are so excited. I think in their minds they are like grandparents because their chickens have chicks. We had three sitting? or is it setting? anyway three of them had eggs, then the first one's nest got raided by something and all those were gone. Also we have a cat that I don't trust, he was a stray that showed up and he is a good mouser but I think he would hunt anything that moved. So we decided when the second one's hatched out to take them and keep them safe till they are a little bigger. It is amazingly difficult to convince a hen that you will be able to take better care of her chicks than she will! As I bent down to pick one up, she jumped on my head it is not like the most painful thing in the world to have a hen jump on your head but it does hurt.
She was so upset that she went and kicked hen number three off her eggs and stole them. We decided we had rocked the boat enough and let them work it out. Now today when we got home she has hatched the second nest out. Now we have to decide if we are going to let her keep these and see how it goes or take them too. I do know one thing, if they are getting taken away it must be Freddy's turn to go get them.

Friday, April 30, 2010

some days

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head? I do sometimes it drives me crazy and I just have to go to you tube and listen to the song, that sometimes helps. Others I have to listen to anything else. My husband hates it when I share the song stuck in my head because it seems to be contagious. Although sometimes the songs that get stuck in my head are so random and obscure he has no idea what they are. Today it is "Some Days" by Meridith Brooks. I doubt he would ever get that one stuck in his head. So I will have to suffer alone. Anyway I thought I would fallow the theme in my head and tell you about some of my recent days. My little girl picked me wildflowers the other day, and then took pictures of them. I loved the flowers, of course and I thought the pictures weren't bad so I am sharing.
I did find batteries (read that my husband found batteries) for the camera. So here are some pictures of the bed we delivered last. It is a Jeremy twin loft with a bookshelf. The color is honey pine. It matched the other furniture in the room quite well. They were happy, we were happy, (read relieved it is a little stressful trying to match other finishes)

Our customer noticed the little dark circle of the plugs. That is cool, my hubby knowing how much I love the contrast used oak dowel to make the plugs and they turned out very cool. So cool she noticed and cool she read enough of the blog to know about them.

Yesterday and today I have been taking care of a sick hubby. I knew he didn't feel good yesterday but I just expected the normal icks. I completely forgot about our oldest staying after school, so when he called I rushed off with the other kids to get him. I was an hour late because of the fact I forgot and they are doing construction on the road and I was stuck. ("some days are better than others....some days whatever") So when we got back hubby was in his chair with a blanket shivering. It was like 80 inside so I took his temp and it was 104. Not good for a grown up. I gave him a dose of fever reducer, waited nothing still 104, gave him more, waited nothing still 104. Then I made him take a cool bath for about 15 mins, he told me he did not like me, which I told him was ok because I know he loves me. Then checked him again, still 104. Then I made him put ice packs on his neck and under his arms, he did not like me again. It came down to 103! Before bed I gave him more fever meds and at about 1:30 he was not hot to the touch anymore. This morning it was only 101, we can live with that. He is in bed. I am pretty sure he has the same thing our youngest had last week. He just can't get a little sick, when he does it he does it all the way.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

some house news

We have had so much going on I have neglected blogging. So on the bed front we are still behind and the transmission went out on out truck and that is further complicating things. So bed pictures are going to be a little slow in coming. We are working on beds, I have some pictures of our last delivery on the camera but my kids left the camera on and the batteries are dead so I cant download them. I will get there. We are getting caught up slowly. We are working on three Clair beds and a toddler bed from Etsy. We are really trying to get caught up on those. We are still not advertising for new work just yet.

Our plan is to get our minivan back on the road and use it for deliveries. Which will change the nature of our delivery abilities somewhat. We will not be able to deliver the bigger beds anymore. So we will focus on twin and toddler size beds as well as the kitchens. Hopefully we can stay busy enough with those things. Now on to the house. We are actually close to physically moving onto our own corner of my dad's farm. We have two more walls up. And thanks to my parents we have water up there. Today they are delivering the rest of the concrete we need to pour the rest of our footing for the foundation. That will allow us to get the power hooked up at the least expensive rate possible. So we have been very busy on that project.

But the thing that puts us very close to moving is a camping trailer that my brother bought while he was here last week. It is 30 feet long, a 1985 and it has a working bathroom with a shower and a kitchen. He is letting us use it and that makes it possible for us to move up there. A shower and a kitchen really make a huge difference. We are very grateful for his kindness. So that will help us make the transition more smoothly till we are further along.
I am looking froward to just being there. Lately it has seemed that we have been mentally and physically in two places. And that just gets exhausting, and generally impedes any progress. I am hopping that physically inhabiting only one space will make that more simple and help us to be able to focus on what we need to get done.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cecelia's Bed

We delivered this Jeremy twin loft to Cecelia on Saturday, and we forgot our camera, again. Her mom was kind enough to take these pictures and email them to us. She had to get in the closet to get some of them, I think that counts as way above and beyond for a customer. A huge thank you for the work and for the pictures. They look great. We did not build the doll house. But I must say it looks good under our bed.
I always love the little people who we deliver beds to. They are so excited and happy to have a new bed, and Cecelia was no exception. I think we may have heard her giggling the whole time we were setting up the bed. If you can't hear an adorable little giggle at your place of employment I suggest looking for a new job, you would be surprised what a difference it makes in the whole day if you can hear giggling for an hour straight

This was the first time we put the stairs and the bookshelf at the same end of the bed. It looks great I think.

These fancy little feet are an option on the Jeremy style twin loft, we do not use them on a full loft. If you want them you need to let us know when you order. They do add something especially on a girls bed. Thank you again for the great pictures!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring time

Today we had to drive to get some material, and the world is turning green. I love it. I can never pick a favorite season I always just look forward to the next one. But Spring is always good. One of the cool things about spring is baby stuff. There are new calves at my dad's place. Including a new little Jersey steer who is just about the most adorable little thing I have ever seen. Today my dad showed up with this little guy. He caught him in his pond and wanted to show the kids. They named him Fudge, I have no idea why.
They wanted to keep him as a pet in the worst way. Well at first they were afraid he might be a snapping turtle. It made me laugh they would not put their hand in the bucket until I assured them that it would not bite them.

He really was a cute little thing. But we made them go and put him in the creek. With everything that we have going on right now his chances of survival are much higher in the wild.

This is some of what we are so busy with. On Friday we poured cement. 49 bags of cement, which my husband figured out is almost 4,000 lbs of concrete. He carried it into the hole and then I mixed it with a hoe in the wheelbarrow and then he poured it into the forms. So technically he move all of it twice. If you have been fallowing along you know that we have to finish this in order to meet the requirement of the local power company for a less expensive power hook up. We still have about 24 bags left to pour and a little digging to do. But we don't want to think about it, maybe in a few more days when my husbands body is a little more over it we will think about it.

The building that you see behind it is the part of the house that we are going to finish first. It will be like a small cabin to live in while we build the rest of it. Because we are doing this without a loan it will take some time, and we did not want to do the thing where we live in a mobile home while we build, in our price range they are not very nice. So we decided to go this route. When we are done with the whole house it will look like it was all done at the same time. We figure that nothing will motivate us to keep going on the rest of the house like living in a small cabin with four kids.
Up next some pictures of the bed we delivered on Saturday. We forgot our camera, again. And our customer was kind enough to take some pictures and email them to us. I will share them next time.

Monday, March 29, 2010

We have a plan

No pictures this time, just some information for those of you who have placed orders with us. We are not as far along as we had hoped on our building projects, and we are not caught up on orders from our backlog from the little fire. We have a bit of a deadline on the building projects because we are currently living in a house that belongs to my brother, and soon he and his family will be moving here and they will need their house. And obviously we have a deadline for each bed order.

We are only two people and our plan is just to do the best we can on both fronts. So we are going to plan on working on the house and shop during the daylight hours before the kids get home from school. Then after that working into the night as long as it is safe (sleep deprivation and power tools can be a bad combination). Then do it over the next day. Also we are not adding any new orders right now. So we will just keep working our way through the orders that we have as fast as we can. But this will not be as fast as we would normally be able to. Meaning the speed we anticipated when we scheduled your orders. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes to anyone. We hate to set a delivery date and then change it. We will be in touch with each of you when we get to your delivery date and let you know what is going on. And if you read this and you have any questions just feel free to send us an email, we will get back to you. The address is fhlunsford@msn.com

We are making progress on our building projects and I will get some pictures up of that and of the new beds as we get them done.

Thank you

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Play kitchen finished

We are so happy to have completed this project. Have you ever had a season that just did not go well? After we took on this job, we had injuries, sickness (flu's, colds, I'm pretty sure we had the swine flu all at the same time, even food poisoning. I recommend avoiding that at all cost. Especially if you are a family of six and five of you get it within 45 minutes of each other.

We have had tools suddenly break for no apparent reason and we started our wood shop on fire.

Needless to say we did not finish this when we had hoped.

We owe a huge thank you to our customer. They were so patient and kind throughout the whole thing. I hate it when we can't meet a deadline but it does sometimes happen. We really appreciate the customer hanging in there. We really hope that they are happy with it. We put it on a bus today and it is on its way to its new home.

Another huge thank you to them for asking us to build it in the first place. They asked if we would design a play kitchen. It sounded like fun so we said yes. We loved building it. And when we get a little more caught up and we are looking for more work I am going to advertise these and see if we can sell more. As always if you are interested in buying one or you have any questions about anything you can email us at fhlunsford@msn.com .