Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Little ladders

Today I put stain on these three ladders for toddler bunk beds. When I was done I looked at them and it made me laugh, not out loud laughing like crazy people do walking down the street all by themselves and their invisivle friend tells a good joke. The internal laugh like sane people do when they are alone. and something amuses them.
When we paint or stain ladders we put the little leg things on th bottom so they will stand alone and we can get all the surfaces at once. One of the many good ideas my husband had. I always think it is a little funny to see a ladder standing alone in the middle of a room, going nowhere. But three of them was so funny that I had to go get the camera and take a picture and share.
I think they look like some kind of bizare linup.
In case you are wondering the colors are from left to right, red oak, early american, and ebony.
I love putting the stain on the furniture. When I looked at them thismorning stackd together they looked like lumber, now they look like furniture standing at attention. How cool is that.

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