Friday, December 17, 2010

Random thoughts

So it has been a while since my last post, we were switching from satalite internet to dial up. I know it is a step backwards in the technology world but what can I say that is how we role. So that makes for some new blogging rules, well actually only one that I can think of right now which is good because I hate rules anyway. So I will probably only put up one photo per blog, notice how I changed that from a rule to probably. I told you I hate rules.
So a lot happens in the amount of time since I last blogged. This picture is one of the things that has happened for us. That used to be my paint shop. In the fall we had a storm with big bad wind. The paint shop went airborn. This picture was actually after we pulled it down it was further up in the tree. It is a long story and not very fun but sufice it to say it was an interesting night for us.
I have to say I was loving having my own space. I was all set up and in a groove and now I am back to painting and staining wherever there is room and time. Most of the time we have been trading off in his woodshop. He builds some stuff and then it get's stained or painted. This does work, but it slows things down because he can not cut or sand while painting or staining is going on. So we feel like we are crawling through orders. But we are getting better at it and it won't be forever. Eventually we will work something else out.
Lately we have been working on toddler size bunk beds. We got backed up with orders and we are playing catch up. We have two new styles, the Jeffery and the Jeremy. I will put them up next time. They are pretty cute.
Also I am going to be adding a page for the plans for the toddler bunk beds. We have the ones for the Ciera ready now, and we are working on the Jeffery. I am not sure if we will do the Jeremy or not. The arch is a little hard to explain how to do. I think it is one of those things that is in his head and it might be hard to get out.

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