Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mystery shopping

This is the Jeremy in English Chestnut. I always like to state the color in the post, sometimes it helps people get an idea what color they want. I think it turned out pretty good. Now to the title of the post, we went to a furniture store the other day. I will not kid you this is not something we have done often in our life. The most time we time we spent in one was when I was in labor with our first son, we were buying a brand new couch. Unusual for us, most of our furniture has been hand me down or second hand. I can tell you that a furniture store is not a bad place to be in labor, it is not hard to find a comfortable place to sit out a contraction. It amazes me how the light makes the color completely different.
Any way about our adventure to the furniture store. We went in there to look at kids bed, bunk beds. Not to buy one but to see if we are way off on pricing. The prices have long since left my mind, I am not good at numbers. I am not the one to ask how much we paid for our first car, or the one we have now for that matter, they leave my head almost instantly. But they only had one style of kids furniture to offer, that was it. The one price that did strike me is that if you bought bunk beds you had to pay $70 if you wanted a ladder. Who would buy a set of bunk beds for the kids and not need a ladder.
Up next is a Jeremy set of bunk beds that comes apart, with stairs and it is painted Fragrant Jasmine. I can tell you for sure that the paint smells the same as any other.

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