Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day bed

We have now built an honest to goodness day bed. This one is in the Clair style and it is a full size. We end up meeting very cool people and I always enjoy hearing how it is that they ended up buying from us. I realize it is a different way to go about buying furniture. This customer had been looking for a full size day bed, but at every store they went to all of the full size day beds had a trundle bed with three drawers underneath. They did not need a trundle or drawers and did not really want the bed that high. To them is seemed silly to spend money on something they did not want just to get what they wanted. I agree. They got what they wanted, we got some work everyone is happy. Incidentally, they had lost everything in a house fire and this is the last new thing they bought with the insurance money to put in their new house. Makes me feel downright helpful.
Right now we are building a full size captains bed, and also a set of Ciera twin bunks that is stained ebony, I can't wait to see them. And we are still trying to finish up the little kitchen and we are way behind on toddler bunk beds. Plus we are trying to work on our house. Busy just does not seem like a big enough word.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bed styles

So once in a while I need to put all of the different styles into one post so that it is easier for someone who is trying to see all of them. In addition to these we also can build platform, captains bed, day beds, or just about anything you can think of. We are custom builders you get to tell us what you want, you don't just have to choose from what you see here. So if you do not see what you are wanting just let us know what you have in mind. We love a good challenge. Remember too that all of them can be made as lofts, bunks, bunks in an L etc. This is our James style. It is very affordable, very sturdy and a good choice if you need bunk beds but do not want to spend a fortune. The ladder is built into the headboard.
This is the Jeffery style. It is also very affordable, it has a separate ladder and very clean lines.

This is the Clair. It has the bead board incorporated into the headboard. I love this bed. Things like the dresser you see here can be added to any of the beds. But if you get a price list from us they are not included in the price. If you need stairs, dressers, desks, bookshelves or anything like that just let us know what you have in mind and we can get the price for you.

This is the Ciera style. I love this picture because of the monkey. It is flat on the top rail.

This is the Jeremy, it is curved in an arch on the top rail. If you are interested in prices or ordering information you can send us an email at . If you have a comment on anything you see here on the blog feel free to comment. If you need us to contact you be sure to leave some sort of contact information. Thanks for looking.

Full size Clair

I know this is not a bed, the bed is below. We never ever take pictures of other peoples kids that just feels wrong. Even though we do see some beautiful little ones when we deliver beds and they are usually very excited about their new bed. But I thought I might get away with a picture of a pet. My husband can't remember the name of the cat but he had to take a picture. I think that all three of our cats would not out way this one. He just looks so easy going like he is just there to watch the show. Anyway, scroll down to see the bed.
As promised, here are some pictures of the full size Clair we just delivered. These stairs are a new twist. They are all shelves and cubby holes instead of drawers. It is amazing how many ways you can use the same space. This is another new thing for this bed. This is a writing desk that folds down. So there can either be more play area or a desk. He thought long and hard on this one, but in the end it turned out great and worked well.

Obviously this is the desk up.

Here is the whole thing set up.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another favorite of mine

I have heard some people say of their work that they could never choose favorites, that it is like their children and they just could never choose one over the other. I do not share that sentiment. There are just some things that we have done that I really like. And this is one of them. Now that does not mean that I don't enjoy making all of them. Hands down this is my favorite job ever. It is always a good gig to work with my husband and to build things that we can be proud of. But sometimes I just really love the finished peice. It is a clair style twin over twin set of bunks in an L. This is a close up of the dresser. We have only done one other like it, that was the one for the Clairamy that went to Texas. I love the beadboard on the drawer fronts. But the thing that just puts this one over the top for me is the color. It is Early American and I love it. It looks so good in their room. Perfect.
I loved this bed as we were working on it, but when we had it all set up and I saw it in it's new home I was just in awe of how great it looked. This is a boys bed in a boys room. It just turned out really nice. Ok I will quit now. Up next is the other bed we just delivered it was also a Clair, a full size loft with a new take on stairs, and a new desk design. I will get those up as soon as I can.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Clair of another color

I'm not sure if the picture shows it very well, but it is snowing, which is the heart of the problem we have been having lately. Bad weather has been delaying us. We had to put off the delivery on Friday, because of the snow. Now we are under a winter storm watch again and supposed to get about 4 inches tonight. And out delivery is to Kansas City where I think they are supposed to get worse weather. I'm afraid we are not very intrepid when it comes to traveling in bad weather. For one thing we moved here from the West coast. The weather there is never very bad. Snow is something that mostly happens up in the mountains and you just stay away from it. Also our old pickup truck is not really very good on bad roads. Delaying is really the last thing we ever want to do, it gets the other deliveries after off schedule too, and we don't get paid until we deliver so to delay delivery is to delay payday, we would rather not do that. All that said, I love to watch it snow. I grew up in the Midwest and I did kind of miss watching the snow fall when I was on the West coast. Ok enough about the snow, on to the bed. This is a Clair style that I was really looking foreword to, ever since we got the order. For a couple reasons. One is is a twin over twin in an L, and we have not done that yet. I was eager to see how he would build the twin size for the bottom.
As usual he surpassed my expectations. Here are the head and the foot board. Aren't they cute?
I should mention that my little girl took the picture above as well as the next two, she was very happy to get to use the camera and I think she is pleased that I am using them. She did a good job.

I especially love this one, it is a good shot of the headboard. Just wait till you see it stained. It looks so cool. Which brings me back to why I was looking foreword to this bed. So far all of the Clair beds we have done have been white, well the one Clairemy that went to Texas was whitewash, but still kind of white. So I was looking fore ward to doing one in a different color. And they happened to pick one of my favorites, Early American.

Check that out. He used oak plugs and they look so cool the way they are darker than the bed. I know that I have said it before but those little plugs are one of my favorite parts of a stained bed.
Freddy caught me in action, and since it really shows how the bead board took the stain I am putting it up. And since I am not looking at the camera or in any way trying to smile it is not a bad picture of me. I have some sort of disability, when ever I try to smile for a picture my face distorts to the most unpleasant version of myself possible.

It really does look great. When he delivers it he will get better pictures, without me in them. We really like this color. In fact we are going to use it in our house. Which brings up another topic, our house. I am going to start adding some pictures of our little house project. I had thought of starting a different blog for it, but knowing myself I just don't think I would keep up with two blogs. Another reason to put them here is that we have family still on the West coast and they actually look at this blog from time to time and they will want to see pictures.
Our time frame is a little bit hurried we have a new deadline so when the weather breaks we will be moving fast. We are doing some things that are environmentally friendly. Not necessarily because we are environmentalist as such but as a family of six with an unusual and sometimes unpredictable income it is just smart to limit expenses as much as we can, and many of the things that are good for the earth are also good for the pocket book. Some of the things we are planning are composting toilets, we plan to have some solar power. So expect some of that to be mixed in with the beds from now on.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A full size Clair

I have been slacking again on the blog, between the kids having extra days off of school due to the snow and then trying to play catchup because it is just really hard to get anything done with four kids around. I have just not had much blogging time. But we have been busy. I have some other things to post later but for now this is a full size Clair. It has stairs, and it is in the process of getting three coats of white paint. It is part of a trip we making to Kansas City. Actually to be accurate it is part of a trip that my hubby is making to Kansas City. We are not going to take the kids out of school for this one, and he can certainly travel cheaper than all of us.
At any rate he will be delivering this bed, and a set of Clair bunk beds, twin over twin in an L shape with a dresser. That one is also looking great, I will post pictures of it soon, when I get a few more minutes. Also another bed that is all around new for us. New style, new color of stain all new and we are very excited about it. It will get it's own post when I have the time to give it the attention it deserves. Also soon to come will be finished pictures of the little kitchen. It has it's paint on it and it is curing for shipping. We like to let the paint cure for about a week on things we are shipping, we don't want the packaging to stick to the little kitchen and ruin it. Freddy has been working on the details and it should be finished soon.