Thursday, February 4, 2010

A full size Clair

I have been slacking again on the blog, between the kids having extra days off of school due to the snow and then trying to play catchup because it is just really hard to get anything done with four kids around. I have just not had much blogging time. But we have been busy. I have some other things to post later but for now this is a full size Clair. It has stairs, and it is in the process of getting three coats of white paint. It is part of a trip we making to Kansas City. Actually to be accurate it is part of a trip that my hubby is making to Kansas City. We are not going to take the kids out of school for this one, and he can certainly travel cheaper than all of us.
At any rate he will be delivering this bed, and a set of Clair bunk beds, twin over twin in an L shape with a dresser. That one is also looking great, I will post pictures of it soon, when I get a few more minutes. Also another bed that is all around new for us. New style, new color of stain all new and we are very excited about it. It will get it's own post when I have the time to give it the attention it deserves. Also soon to come will be finished pictures of the little kitchen. It has it's paint on it and it is curing for shipping. We like to let the paint cure for about a week on things we are shipping, we don't want the packaging to stick to the little kitchen and ruin it. Freddy has been working on the details and it should be finished soon.

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