Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day bed

We have now built an honest to goodness day bed. This one is in the Clair style and it is a full size. We end up meeting very cool people and I always enjoy hearing how it is that they ended up buying from us. I realize it is a different way to go about buying furniture. This customer had been looking for a full size day bed, but at every store they went to all of the full size day beds had a trundle bed with three drawers underneath. They did not need a trundle or drawers and did not really want the bed that high. To them is seemed silly to spend money on something they did not want just to get what they wanted. I agree. They got what they wanted, we got some work everyone is happy. Incidentally, they had lost everything in a house fire and this is the last new thing they bought with the insurance money to put in their new house. Makes me feel downright helpful.
Right now we are building a full size captains bed, and also a set of Ciera twin bunks that is stained ebony, I can't wait to see them. And we are still trying to finish up the little kitchen and we are way behind on toddler bunk beds. Plus we are trying to work on our house. Busy just does not seem like a big enough word.

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