Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This is another of my favorite colors. It is ebony. We have more of it coming up I think, at some point things end up running together for me. I know I have said it before but stain is my preference over paint. It will hold up better, and you can see the grain of the wood through it. You can get stain in so many colors it boggles the mind. This is a Ciera style twin over twin for the record. And it will come apart to make two beds at any moment that they decide they would rather have two twin beds than a set of bunk beds. I imagine they will often randomly think how comforting it is that they could just instantly have two twin beds. Ok sometimes my imagination gets way out of control.
But I did like this bed. I am very happy with how the finish turned out. And I think this is the first one that we built with the new saw that we had to buy after the other one broke. If you want to read that story it is in a past post. He likes his new saw. It is actually a better saw than the old one anyway. At least that is what he keeps telling me. He tells me that the new, cool, better saw ( it is also prettier if you ask me) makes it much easier to put the beds together.
He is on his way home now with pictures on the digital camera of the full size captains bed that he delivered today. I am looking foreward to seeing them and I will share.

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