Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A little progress

This is the very beginning of our new shop. I know it is not a very exciting picture, but it is an exciting prospect, for us anyway. This structure will double as some storage and a place to work. It will end up being mostly for storing lumber when we eventually build a pole building for the final wood shop. That will give us the ability to keep more lumber on hand, as well as possibly some finished furniture. I look froward to the day when all of the furniture for the weeks delivery does not get stored in my living room. Our main focus on the whole building a house project at the moment has been on meeting the power company's requirements to get power in. We have a septic system already installed and now we need to get the footing poured for the house. My dad dug the big hole for us with his backhoe. And we almost have all of the forms up to pour the concrete. We have made that a priority because without power we really can't build a single bed.

The only snafu in the plan is that we had a couple inches of rain last week and the hole is full of water, well not full that is an exaggeration, but it does have water in it. Too much to work in the hole right now. But it will have to dry up eventually. In the meantime we have plenty to do.

We do have one side poured, all we have to do is make the rest look like this.

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