Thursday, March 18, 2010

A small change of focus

First if you came here to look at pictures of beds, you did find the right place, simply look through the older post and you will find what you are looking for hopefully, and if you have any questions you can reach us at

Okay, now to the temporary change in our focus. So if you are fallowing along, we had a small fire that has left us below our full building capacity. But we were just about to be building a new shop, and a new house anyway. So we have been working on those things. We are moving from a corner of my dad's farm that my brother has a house on to another corner of his land where we are building a place of our own.

I have some pictures on the camera to share, but I keep forgetting to bring it in and download them. I will get them on here before long. I think I mentioned that we are going to try and do some things that are "green" which is a term I am not fond of but anyway we will be incorporating some things that lean that direction. Mostly because what it good for the earth is also good for the budget in the long run. The first of those things is that we are building a small house. It will be about 1,200 to 1,400 square feet when it is finished. Which is not tiny but for a family of six also not spacious. But we think that by keeping it of modest size we will save on the construction price, and also on heating, air conditioning and the time it takes out of our lives to maintain it.

One more thing about our building process is that we are building the house on a cash in our pocket basis, with out a loan from a bank. We have both worked in the construction industry enough to know how much control banks try to take of your home project when they are supplying you with money, we don't want that. And with everything that has happened in the home finance world in the last few years we do not want to get involved in that at all. So once you decide to go that route, you have to know that things will go slower and that you may have to be inconvenienced in small ways along the way. We are willing to take the good with the bad and in the end we will have a home for our family that is ours.

Our ultimate goal is to have our house be using solar power and our workshop to be on the normal power grid. Simply because we use a lot of power to build the beds and the cost of a solar system that would power our workshop is out of our range. In order to get a better price for the hook up to the power grid here the electric company requires that you have a septic system installed, we finished that on Tuesday. Also you have to have the footing for a foundation poured for at least 700 square feet. Last night my dad finished digging out the hole for us to pour the footing in. A huge thank you to my dad for bringing his equipment and his expert abilities to help us.

Ok enough blabbing, I will get pictures up next time and be less wordy. Oh yeah and I will have some bed related pictures soon as well, and our little kitchen is almost finished so expect those pictures soon as well.

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