Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Full size James loft

We have so many things started right now, it is almost overwhelming, I keep telling myself to just breath and focus on finishing the thing I am doing at the moment. Which right this minute is blogging. Here is something we did finish. It is a full size James style loft. It is stained Early American which I love. It was nice actually to build something simple with everything else going on. This is our first design and one I still like. And if you need affordable this is always a good choice.
Right this minute my hubby is finishing another project that we have had going. A play kitchen. I will post lots of pictures of it, it is very cute. We also have two toddler bunk beds going, a bed with two dog kennels built in, and a Jeremy loft with stairs and a bookshelf. Wow when I read that back it sounds like I should get back to work.


  1. I found you just surfing the internet...I am on the hunt for my children a toddle size bunk bed...The first bed i thinkk it was the claire style is something like I am looking for...If you could write me back or something however you do it that would be greatly appreciated...not sure how much you actually charge or anything...just curious! I will checkk back in a few days to see if you have responded on here!

  2. We are so glad you found us! That is very cool that we can just be found while surfing the internet. I have actually been eager to build a toddler in a Clair style. For some reason most of our orders for them have been Ciera style. We do not post prices on the blog because wood prices can vary drastically from week to week and it would be hard to go through and update all the places that we had prices listed. But if you send me and email at we will get a price for you.