Sunday, November 22, 2009

further along

Well here it is further along, this was when it was set up to get some measurements. There is a board filling that gap on the finished bed.

Also obviously there are doors on the access hole for the storage area, and the holes are filled with drawers.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

shopping day

Yesterday we went shopping. I remember when shopping meant new clothes and good coffee. Now it means home improvement stores and lumber. We got two kinds of plywood and four different sizes of boards. Now the fun is watching him make it all look like something. And really I never was very big on the other kind of shopping anyway. So by this evening there should be some pictures of something.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day/captains bed

We've gotten a start on our Day/captains beds. We are building two of them but they look just the same so I will only bore you with pictures of one. This is the very beginning. This is the frame for the front of the bed, or the side of the bed depending on how you look at it. I am going to call it the front just because it is my blog and I can call it whatever I like. So each of the openings will eventually be a drawer. I know it may not seem like much of a days work to build two frames, but actually first he had to figure it all out from a picture. And he also has all of the cuts made for the rest of the frame so we are moving along.

This has nothing to do with beds other than the fact that we were delivering a bed. This is Mack our little helper. He gets so excited about going along on deliveries.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

James style

This is our most affordable bed frame. It is simple and functional. This is a twin size loft. The ladder in this style is built into the frame so it also is a good space saver.
An option for this bed is to build the ladder in the middle, we do that on the full Loft and someone wanted to know if we could do it on a twin loft, and yeah we can do that. See it pays to ask.

This is a full size loft bed frame. Just a note, mattress slats and the rails are always included in the price, It is just that we often do not have time or space to set the beds up so all we get a picture of is the head and foot board.

Here are the basic bunk beds. We also make a set of bunk beds in this style that has three bunks instead of two. It fits in a normal 8 foot cieling. This style can also be the twin over full both straight and as an L. We are always willing to try new things and to mix and match so that you get something you will be happy with. Never hesitate to ask.

Jeffery style

This is the Jeffery style, we have made the least number of this style, I'm not sure why that is I like it. Maybe it is because my pictures don't do it justice. This one was built a little short. That is something we can always do, this is something we do not charge extra for. We have built beds extra tall and extra short. We have one coming up, in this style I believe with extra tall posts so that the little guy can make cool tents on his bed. I am all for letting kids be kids.
This is a twin over queen set of bunks. The upper loft in this one was a little extra tall so that there would be extra room for a person to sit on the queen.

This is the headboard of the Queen under the twin.

This style is very similar to the James style. The big differences are that this style has a separate ladder, and the cross boards are flush instead of overlapping.

Ciera style

This is our Ciera style. This one is a twin loft. I love this picture, obviously we took it after we set up the bed. The monkey get's me every time. Desks and shelves and all the other things can be added to this one as well.
Here it is as bunks, these happen to be toddler bunks, thus the safety gates. But it can also be twin bunks eeither like this or in an L. We can always add safety rail even on the bottom bunk of a twin set of bunks. We are parents so anything we can do to make other parents feel like their little ones are going to be safe we are happy to do.

Here it is as a twin over full set of bunks. It could also be done in an L shape. The picture does not show it very well but there are two big drawers under the bottom bunk we can add that to any of the beds that we build, even the toddler bunks. Another thing that makes this particular bed different is that it can come appart into two seperate beds, we can build any of our bunks with that option.

Here it is as a full loft bed. It can also be a normal full size bed, or a twin. Just about anything is possible.

Jeremy stlye

The other day I was on the phone with a potential customer and she had her computer and I had mine, I was trying to talk her through the blog to show her our different styles of bed frames. I soon discovered that it is not all that easy to find them on here, so I am going to attempt to remedy that. This is our Jeremy style bed frame, this one is a twin loft. We built it for a little girl I think you may have figured that out by the pink bedroom which is awesome. Not all of us are brave enough to let our little ones pick the color of their bedroom, but in this case it really turned out great don't you think?
Any way back to the bed. The Jeremy style has the curve at the top, we can make it as a twin loft, a full loft, a twin bed a full bed, twin bunks either up and down or in an L shape. It could be a twin over full in an L shape it could also be made as toddler size You get the idea the possiblillities are endless, if I have not listed what you are looking for just ask my husband is very good at figuring out how to make things work. A note about this bed in particular. It has all the bells and whisles that we can offer, or that we have done so far. It has a desk with two sets of shelves and a computer key board drawer. It has fancy little feet, it has a bookcase built into one end. These are all things that we can add to any of our bed frames but they are not standard on any of them.

This is more what it looks like as a standard loft bed. Only this one also had a shelf on the end so it has the big opening in the end for the shelf.

Here is a goog shot of the arch. This is before paint on this particular bed but we always offer to price without paint or stain. We realize that for many people that is a good way to save a little money.

This is almost a normal headboard for a twin loft, only this is the one with the fancy feet so the bottom board is at the bottom, usually it would be a little higher if you were not having the fancy feet.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Waiting for paint to dry......really

I am just sitting around waiting for paint to dry. Due to illness last week we are cutting it close. But we will make it. I am just waiting for these to be ready for their final coat of paint. Everything else is complete and dry. This is our Jeremy style in a twin loft. I really like this style. This one will have a bookshelf at one end which is why the end closest to you only has one cross bar, the shelf will fit into that hole, and the piece in the middle is the peice that covers up the end of the bookcase. You can put a mirror or a cork board there if you want.

I also noticed while I was sitting here that I have paint in my hair. Oh well it is not the first time, I am sure it will not be the last.

So tomarrow we deliver this one and then get started on the next two. They are something totally new for us. They are sortof a captains bed sidways. Should be really fun. They are not painted so I will not get paint in my hair next week. Also that means that I will have more time to "help" my husband with the construction end of things. It makes him miss the kids less while they are at school if I ask him lots and lots of questions, and use his tools and don't put them back. It is just one of the many things I do for him.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

moving along

It's still not worth taking a picture of. Just looks like lumber, but the lumber is cut up into pieces the right size to fit together to make a Jeremy style loft. And about half of it is sanded and the little imperfections have been filled with filler to get them ready to paint. So the boring part that is the most work is getting done, soon we will be to the part where it suddenly looks cool. I love that part.

We do have some cool things coming up. We are building two full size beds that are sort of captains beds, sideways. I'm not sure what to call them but they will be very cool trust me. And it is looking like we are going to build a kids play kitchen. I am really looking foreword to that project, if it all goes through. It will have a sink and a stove and a microwave. It should be very fun.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Going to work........tomarrow

Well we sortof started on our current order already, we got the wood all planed but then life happened as it often does with four kids. We had some sickness. Which apparently does not make us special. I appologized to several people who had emailed us for not getting back to them due to illness, and their families have been sick too. Anyway back to the subject, we are building a twin size Jeremy style loft bed. This one will have a bookshelf at the end, but no desk, and it will be painted white. So check back and when there is something to take a picture of I will get some on here.

Monday, November 2, 2009

some pictures

We seem to have some orders coming in which is really great because that is how we have money for our extravagant lifestyle. Kids are a very expensive hobby. So soon there will be some pictures of what we are working on. Lately we have been working on our house. We are building a small house, by most standards a very small house. But for us small means efficient. We are building it with cash instead of a loan so it goes slow and in spurts. Anyway we have scheduled ourselves some time to work on it. I won't bore you with pictures of that project. But to make things more interesting here are some pictures of some past projects. I know when I go to a website I am expecting pictures. So here are some. This was the first Jeremy style bed that we made, and also it is the most detailed desk that we have done to date. Most of the desks we have done have been simple writing surfaces. This one had a keyboard drawer and two sets of shelves. And that is a book case on the other end. It turned out really cool. You can see it finished by checking out the entries about the Jeremy style.
This is a dresser that we have done several of. This one has four drawers and we have also done five drawers in this same style. We are planning to make a dresser for ourselves that will be a little different. I think I mentioned that our house will be small. So we are going to make a dresser for us that will be tall, that way it will not take up much floor space, and I am lobbying for it to have doors on the top with shelves. When we get it going pictures will be on here.

This is the Ciera style in a full size loft by far the majority of the loft beds we build are twin size but all of the styles can be made as full size, and some can even be made as a queen size. We draw the line there though, we will not build a king size loft.

This is a good example of what makes us custom builders. This is a twin size Jeffery loft, but it is short. We build each bed to order so we do not charge extra to make small changes like that. We can also do things like move the ladder to where you want it, we charge $25 to do that one, and we can make all of our bunk beds so that they can separate into two beds for $30.

This is one of my favorite beds that we have done so far. It was a full size captains bed. It had six drawers on each side and an access door at the bottom. The headboard is a book case. I think it was one of my favs because of the stain. My end of the deal is usually the stain or paint. And this one was called ebony. It turned out so beautiful, you can see in the picture that the grain of the wood showed through the stain. The picture does not really do it justice i just loved this color. I love the color in general. It is so cool when you get to see what the final project is going to be like when you put the color on. I am learning to do more of the construction end and I enjoy that too, but my husband really has a gift for that end of it I just do what he tells me to do. But I love playing with the paint and the stain. If you go back and look at the post of the captains bed you can see the whole build process, it shows what I mean when I say my husband is good at what he does.
So check back new things are coming. And remember if you have placed an order that we will post pictures as we make progress on your project so you can see it coming together. I usually let you know when we are working on your project but it always pays to check, sometimes I get busy and forget. I always blame my forgetfulness on the kids, my plan is to blame them until I am old enough to claim senility.