Wednesday, November 11, 2009

moving along

It's still not worth taking a picture of. Just looks like lumber, but the lumber is cut up into pieces the right size to fit together to make a Jeremy style loft. And about half of it is sanded and the little imperfections have been filled with filler to get them ready to paint. So the boring part that is the most work is getting done, soon we will be to the part where it suddenly looks cool. I love that part.

We do have some cool things coming up. We are building two full size beds that are sort of captains beds, sideways. I'm not sure what to call them but they will be very cool trust me. And it is looking like we are going to build a kids play kitchen. I am really looking foreword to that project, if it all goes through. It will have a sink and a stove and a microwave. It should be very fun.

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