Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ciera style

This is our Ciera style. This one is a twin loft. I love this picture, obviously we took it after we set up the bed. The monkey get's me every time. Desks and shelves and all the other things can be added to this one as well.
Here it is as bunks, these happen to be toddler bunks, thus the safety gates. But it can also be twin bunks eeither like this or in an L. We can always add safety rail even on the bottom bunk of a twin set of bunks. We are parents so anything we can do to make other parents feel like their little ones are going to be safe we are happy to do.

Here it is as a twin over full set of bunks. It could also be done in an L shape. The picture does not show it very well but there are two big drawers under the bottom bunk we can add that to any of the beds that we build, even the toddler bunks. Another thing that makes this particular bed different is that it can come appart into two seperate beds, we can build any of our bunks with that option.

Here it is as a full loft bed. It can also be a normal full size bed, or a twin. Just about anything is possible.


  1. How much do you charge for a twin size bunk beds with gates? And these come without mattresses, is that correct?


  2. hello, for pricing information you can email us at fhlunsford@msn.com we don't like to put prices on here because the price of wood can change very quick. We can put gates on any of the bunk or loft beds and no we do not sell mattresses.