Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jeffery style

This is the Jeffery style, we have made the least number of this style, I'm not sure why that is I like it. Maybe it is because my pictures don't do it justice. This one was built a little short. That is something we can always do, this is something we do not charge extra for. We have built beds extra tall and extra short. We have one coming up, in this style I believe with extra tall posts so that the little guy can make cool tents on his bed. I am all for letting kids be kids.
This is a twin over queen set of bunks. The upper loft in this one was a little extra tall so that there would be extra room for a person to sit on the queen.

This is the headboard of the Queen under the twin.

This style is very similar to the James style. The big differences are that this style has a separate ladder, and the cross boards are flush instead of overlapping.


  1. My daughter wants a bunk bed with a slide attached. LOL I know it sounds silly but I've been trying to find one. have you ever made one like that??

  2. I don't blame her, who wouldn't want a bed with a slide? Yes we can do that, if you could send me an email at fhlunsford@msn.com we can work up a price for you. Let us know which style of frame you were thinking of and we will see what we can do.