Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jeremy stlye

The other day I was on the phone with a potential customer and she had her computer and I had mine, I was trying to talk her through the blog to show her our different styles of bed frames. I soon discovered that it is not all that easy to find them on here, so I am going to attempt to remedy that. This is our Jeremy style bed frame, this one is a twin loft. We built it for a little girl I think you may have figured that out by the pink bedroom which is awesome. Not all of us are brave enough to let our little ones pick the color of their bedroom, but in this case it really turned out great don't you think?
Any way back to the bed. The Jeremy style has the curve at the top, we can make it as a twin loft, a full loft, a twin bed a full bed, twin bunks either up and down or in an L shape. It could be a twin over full in an L shape it could also be made as toddler size You get the idea the possiblillities are endless, if I have not listed what you are looking for just ask my husband is very good at figuring out how to make things work. A note about this bed in particular. It has all the bells and whisles that we can offer, or that we have done so far. It has a desk with two sets of shelves and a computer key board drawer. It has fancy little feet, it has a bookcase built into one end. These are all things that we can add to any of our bed frames but they are not standard on any of them.

This is more what it looks like as a standard loft bed. Only this one also had a shelf on the end so it has the big opening in the end for the shelf.

Here is a goog shot of the arch. This is before paint on this particular bed but we always offer to price without paint or stain. We realize that for many people that is a good way to save a little money.

This is almost a normal headboard for a twin loft, only this is the one with the fancy feet so the bottom board is at the bottom, usually it would be a little higher if you were not having the fancy feet.


  1. I was wondering what it would be for you to make a twin loft, with drawers. My daughters room is to small & I want a bed that I can put her toy box under, & have a built in dresser to save space. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, I want the price as cheap as possible. (moneys tight-as it is for everyone LOL). Also, what is your price difference between a twin & a full. One more question; how far are you from Benton, IL 62812? Please email back michele_hargett@yahoo.com
    Thank You-

  2. jeremy stlye, we love the white one you did for the girl in the pick room. the only thing we would want different is just a desk the with of the bed, behind the stairs, that would put it opisite of the bookshelf, and leave the center open all the way the wall. im guessing that would be a space of (just a guess of 4 and a half feet by the 3 feet with). if you could just give us a good guess on the price. thanks, nikkiray51188@yahoo.com

  3. I would like a price on the twin size Jeremy loft exactly as pictured in the pink room.