Monday, August 31, 2009

Non bed projects

We have been doing some things that are not beds. Today we are finishing up a little project replacing some doors and screen for a friend. That was supposed to take one week, but due to some dental difficulties for my husband it has taken two, but today we will finish that. And this is another little thing we have been playing with. Before I show you the whole thing, here is my part of the thing. I made these two wheels. At first it seems like no big deal, at least that is what I thought when I said I would make them. But it turns out it is not so easy to make round wheels with indents in them out of wood. Anyway it took me all day, I know my husband could have done them in an hour but what can I say I am after all just a girl.
This is one of the many things that my husband did while I was making the wheels. This will be the tongue of the trailer.

And this is the body of the trailer and the fender (yet another thing he whpped up while I was making the wheels). I know what you are thinking, what is it right? It will be a mailbox in the shape of a teardrop camping trailer. The back will open up to put the mail in and out. So far it is looking pretty good. When it is finished we will put it for sale on If you have never been to you should check it out. If you make something that you are looking to sell or you want to buy handmade or vintage it is a great place. Or if you are an aspiring photographer and you have wonderfull prints you are looking for a way to sell check it out.
So here are some other things we are working on. We are working on a new style of bed. It will be called the Jeremy style and it is very cool. I don't have any great pictures yet. It has an arched top. While I was working on the wheels, he also worked out the arch. It is going to be very cool. So look for more pictures of it as the week goes along.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It occurred to me that a person would have to search through the blog to find actual pictures of beds so most of these have been posted before but I am just re posting them to save having to wade through all the other post to find them. This obviously is a captains bed, it has drawers on each side and a bookcase headboard. It is full size and the stain is called ebony. If you want to wade through the post there are several of this bed being built. We usually post pictures as we are building so that our customers can fallow along as we build. Especially when we are doing something like this we like to do that, it is a good tool for the customer to keep track of what is going on and if there would happen to be any problems we can catch them early. Our next project will be a twin loft bed with a desk with shelves under neath, we will be posting lots of pictures for our customer.
This is a loft bed that we did for someone with a little one I think he was 4 or 5. It is very short only 36 inches from the floor to the bed. Also this one was unfinished, we always give you the option to paint yourself to save a little or we are happy to do it for you. This is our Ciera style, with all of the little spindles it is at the upper end of our price range.

This is a Jeffery style. It was also a little shorter than usual. Our normal height is 56 inches from the floor to the bottom of the bed rail. But we are always happy to alter that at no extra charge. We have done them extra tall for teenagers who lived in a house with tall ceilings and really short for smaller kids. The Jeffery style is in the middle of our price range. Another alteration that we can do with this and the ciera style is to change where the ladder is, they can be put together to move the ladder from one end to the other, they are interchangeable. But for a small charge we can move it to the front.

This is the Jeffery as bunks, this happens to be twin over queen. But it would be the same with twins or twin and full. Again this one was unfinished. As a side note these were the customers mattresses, she was about to have a baby, any day and so we put her mattresses on for her. We do not sell mattresses.

This is our basic James style bunk beds. This is at the lower end of our price range. It is very simple functional furniture. The ladder is built in to the end. Again for a small charge we can build one that is separate. The slats are included in all our beds. With them you do not need to use a special bunk bed mattress, you can use any mattress that you want. It is more comfortable this way and also it is easier and cheaper to find a regular twin than those bunkie things.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My crazy obsession

I am really not much of a photographer but whenever we are on a trip I like to take pictures of abandoned things that you see along the road. It is sortof an obsession, not my only obsession but the only one I am confessing to here. So as you look at these remember they are taken from a vehicle going about 60 miles an hour, truely point and click, for that is all you have time to do there is no framing the shot or thinking about lighting or background just click and then see what you got later. I usually like them in black and white but this one looked better in color with the rusty roof and the green grass.
Just imagine all the years of work that happened here, the milking and the feeding, all the hay that must have been put through that upper door. Now it just sits empty idle.
I thought this one was interesting with the varying levels of decay between the car and the barn.
My husband took this one. We had to stop here because the kids were running around at the last place we delivered beds to and when we left our daughter noticed that her pants were crawling with seed ticks. It was an old community center and the water pump was begging for it's portrait to be taken. There are more maybe they will find their way on here later.

adorable Ciera toddler bunk beds

This is how the Ciera style toddler beds turned out. We love them. We really appreciate them letting us take the pictures after we set up the beds. They are so cute. And the kids were so cute climbing all over them, such big smiles, I love that part of what we do. This is also pretty much now the twin size ciera style bunk beds would look, only obviously bigger.

They had us put safety rail all around the top and bottom bunks because the little ones sleeping on the beds are really little ones. Ordinarily on a twin size Ciera style set of bunk beds the safety rai would just be on the top, unless you needed it on the bottom too.

/AWStPq-l0xA/s320/Kansas+City+007.JPG"> The matttesses were theirs so this is what you would actually get.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just a little tease

This is the bed that I was looking foreward to the most and I am very happy with how it turned out. I will get better pictures of it. This is the Ciera style toddler size bunk bed frame. It is very cute, and we have not yet done a set of twin size bunks in the Ciera style, only the twin over full so if you wanted twin bunks it would look just like this only bigger. I really like it in the daylight. It took till 2:00 to get it done so I had to go look at it thismorning to make sure it was as nice as it looked in the dark.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jeffery in gunstock

The pictures are getting better, not in quality just that they are at least of something that looks like a bed instead of a bunch of boards. That is good news here it means we are getting more stuff done. So the boards from last night are still boards, they have the clear coat on them and probably tomorrow he will put them together in to a bed. This is the ladder of the Jeffery style he has finished building and I have finished staining. Now it just needs clear coat and it will be all done.
It is actually another good example of the kind of thing that we are often asked to do. This one is shorter than our normal height, and the ladder will be in the front instead of at the foot like normal. Usually this would be a hole for the ladder but not this time.

Monday, August 10, 2009

custom colors

I know this is not really a very exciting picture but there is a reason why I posted it. This is one of the beds for our trip to Kansas City. It will be an altered James style twin loft bed. Usually the ladder is off to one side this one will be in the middle. But to the point of the picture. This is a good example of custom colors. This is called Oriental Ginger. Our customer is trying to match a piece of furniture they already have. This is how that works. They went to their local home improvement store and picked the color from the minwax color chart. Then we went to our local home improvement store (Lowes) and we picked up the color that they decided was closest to what they are trying to match. We do not charge extra for this, really all of what we do is custom we build it just for you so it seems just silly to charge extra for making it the color you want. We do charge extra to put a color on in general but not for a specific color of your choice.

In the way of an update on our Kansas City order, we will have this bed done tomorrow, we have two others cut out and I should be able to get started on the finish on them, one is painted white and it will be just like this one. The other is our Jeffery style and it is stained gunstock. Then we have two Ciera style beds to build as well, one is a full size loft and it is unfinished and then the one I am really looking foreword to is a set of toddler bunk beds. They are just cute. It is also stained. So more pictures tomorrow as we finish thing up.

Some general information

So it has been a while since I posted things like how to place an order and how to get pricing information and how to pay and that kind of stuff.

So here is some of that, first about prices, we don't generally put prices on here because we deal in wood which is a commodity that can change in price quickly. So if we put up a list of prices on here we would just have to be constantly saying "sorry the price of wood has gone up again and those prices are no longer good" So if you would like to know the price of anything on this site simply send us an email at and we will be glad to get you that information. When you do this as much specific information is helpful like the style you are interested in and if you want us to paint it stuff like that.

Placing an order is the same thing, just send us an email letting us know what you want. It is great for scheduling if you can let us know where you are, we deliver to a large area and try to schedule things close to each other on the same day to keep the gas costs down. We will let you know when we can deliver and give you a total for your order for your records and ours. How long it takes to get your order to you depends on how busy we are, I'm going to say plan on between two and six weeks.

Last how do you pay us. This part has changed a little. We had a small problem with a large order being placed and then not ever actually being paid for. So we have changed our policy a little, if your order is over $300 we ask that you make a deposit of half, this can either be sent as a check in the mail or we have a paypal account that you can use with a debit or credit card. The rest is due when we deliver and you are happy with your purchase. For orders under $300 payment is due in full on delivery.

If this only makes you have more questions just send us an email at or you can always just ask your question in the comment section of the blog.

Kansas City Here we come

This week we are making a trip to Kansas City. We do not usually go that far but we had someone ask us if we would and we said "if we can sell some other beds over that way, why not" Well we ran an add and have sold 5 beds which makes the trip worthwhile. So we are going to be busy this week. We got a good start on the weekend, we just about have all the wood planed and hubby has two beds cut out. So I should be painting or staining today. I will be posting pictures as things get finished.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

James style toddler bunk beds

This week we made a set of James style bunk beds for toddlers. They fit crib mattresses. Coincidentally we also made a twin size set in the same style. The next shot shows it better. The big set is painted black so it is not showing up as well as the white ones.
Next week we are making a set this size in the Ciera style so check back to see how it turns out.

All week as we were working on both sets I kept hearing Grover from sesame street, remember how he would run back and forth between two opposite things? I would hear his voice saying "big" then running to the other and "little". Sorry when I was a kid PBS was the only station that we really could get clearly.

White Ciera twin loft

We have the coolest customers! We delivered this bed this week and set it up. She was so great to let us take some pictures. I think these are the best pictures we have yet of this style of bed. I love the monkey peeking into the bed.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Big week

In other news we have had a big week this week. Our chickens, well not to exaggerate one of our chickens has started to lay eggs, we have gotten three eggs in three days. They are very small because she is not yet full grown but it is very eggciting. With each little accomplishment my kids announce that now we are real farmers. So this is one more proof to them that they are farming.

dressers and bookshelf

These are the dressers and the bookshelf that we did. WE are happy with them and our customer who was a repeat customer, we love that. We sold him a set of bunk beds a while back and then he wanted these to match. He put the bookshelf on top of one of the dressers. Our customers have the best ideas. My husband helped him lift it up and he said it looked wonderful. This stain is called puritan pine and it looks great. The top drawer is smaller than the others as is the top shelf of the book case.