Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It occurred to me that a person would have to search through the blog to find actual pictures of beds so most of these have been posted before but I am just re posting them to save having to wade through all the other post to find them. This obviously is a captains bed, it has drawers on each side and a bookcase headboard. It is full size and the stain is called ebony. If you want to wade through the post there are several of this bed being built. We usually post pictures as we are building so that our customers can fallow along as we build. Especially when we are doing something like this we like to do that, it is a good tool for the customer to keep track of what is going on and if there would happen to be any problems we can catch them early. Our next project will be a twin loft bed with a desk with shelves under neath, we will be posting lots of pictures for our customer.
This is a loft bed that we did for someone with a little one I think he was 4 or 5. It is very short only 36 inches from the floor to the bed. Also this one was unfinished, we always give you the option to paint yourself to save a little or we are happy to do it for you. This is our Ciera style, with all of the little spindles it is at the upper end of our price range.

This is a Jeffery style. It was also a little shorter than usual. Our normal height is 56 inches from the floor to the bottom of the bed rail. But we are always happy to alter that at no extra charge. We have done them extra tall for teenagers who lived in a house with tall ceilings and really short for smaller kids. The Jeffery style is in the middle of our price range. Another alteration that we can do with this and the ciera style is to change where the ladder is, they can be put together to move the ladder from one end to the other, they are interchangeable. But for a small charge we can move it to the front.

This is the Jeffery as bunks, this happens to be twin over queen. But it would be the same with twins or twin and full. Again this one was unfinished. As a side note these were the customers mattresses, she was about to have a baby, any day and so we put her mattresses on for her. We do not sell mattresses.

This is our basic James style bunk beds. This is at the lower end of our price range. It is very simple functional furniture. The ladder is built in to the end. Again for a small charge we can build one that is separate. The slats are included in all our beds. With them you do not need to use a special bunk bed mattress, you can use any mattress that you want. It is more comfortable this way and also it is easier and cheaper to find a regular twin than those bunkie things.

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  1. how is the loft bed with desk coming along? any photos?