Monday, August 10, 2009

custom colors

I know this is not really a very exciting picture but there is a reason why I posted it. This is one of the beds for our trip to Kansas City. It will be an altered James style twin loft bed. Usually the ladder is off to one side this one will be in the middle. But to the point of the picture. This is a good example of custom colors. This is called Oriental Ginger. Our customer is trying to match a piece of furniture they already have. This is how that works. They went to their local home improvement store and picked the color from the minwax color chart. Then we went to our local home improvement store (Lowes) and we picked up the color that they decided was closest to what they are trying to match. We do not charge extra for this, really all of what we do is custom we build it just for you so it seems just silly to charge extra for making it the color you want. We do charge extra to put a color on in general but not for a specific color of your choice.

In the way of an update on our Kansas City order, we will have this bed done tomorrow, we have two others cut out and I should be able to get started on the finish on them, one is painted white and it will be just like this one. The other is our Jeffery style and it is stained gunstock. Then we have two Ciera style beds to build as well, one is a full size loft and it is unfinished and then the one I am really looking foreword to is a set of toddler bunk beds. They are just cute. It is also stained. So more pictures tomorrow as we finish thing up.

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