Sunday, August 16, 2009

My crazy obsession

I am really not much of a photographer but whenever we are on a trip I like to take pictures of abandoned things that you see along the road. It is sortof an obsession, not my only obsession but the only one I am confessing to here. So as you look at these remember they are taken from a vehicle going about 60 miles an hour, truely point and click, for that is all you have time to do there is no framing the shot or thinking about lighting or background just click and then see what you got later. I usually like them in black and white but this one looked better in color with the rusty roof and the green grass.
Just imagine all the years of work that happened here, the milking and the feeding, all the hay that must have been put through that upper door. Now it just sits empty idle.
I thought this one was interesting with the varying levels of decay between the car and the barn.
My husband took this one. We had to stop here because the kids were running around at the last place we delivered beds to and when we left our daughter noticed that her pants were crawling with seed ticks. It was an old community center and the water pump was begging for it's portrait to be taken. There are more maybe they will find their way on here later.

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