Monday, August 31, 2009

Non bed projects

We have been doing some things that are not beds. Today we are finishing up a little project replacing some doors and screen for a friend. That was supposed to take one week, but due to some dental difficulties for my husband it has taken two, but today we will finish that. And this is another little thing we have been playing with. Before I show you the whole thing, here is my part of the thing. I made these two wheels. At first it seems like no big deal, at least that is what I thought when I said I would make them. But it turns out it is not so easy to make round wheels with indents in them out of wood. Anyway it took me all day, I know my husband could have done them in an hour but what can I say I am after all just a girl.
This is one of the many things that my husband did while I was making the wheels. This will be the tongue of the trailer.

And this is the body of the trailer and the fender (yet another thing he whpped up while I was making the wheels). I know what you are thinking, what is it right? It will be a mailbox in the shape of a teardrop camping trailer. The back will open up to put the mail in and out. So far it is looking pretty good. When it is finished we will put it for sale on If you have never been to you should check it out. If you make something that you are looking to sell or you want to buy handmade or vintage it is a great place. Or if you are an aspiring photographer and you have wonderfull prints you are looking for a way to sell check it out.
So here are some other things we are working on. We are working on a new style of bed. It will be called the Jeremy style and it is very cool. I don't have any great pictures yet. It has an arched top. While I was working on the wheels, he also worked out the arch. It is going to be very cool. So look for more pictures of it as the week goes along.

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