Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another favorite of mine

I have heard some people say of their work that they could never choose favorites, that it is like their children and they just could never choose one over the other. I do not share that sentiment. There are just some things that we have done that I really like. And this is one of them. Now that does not mean that I don't enjoy making all of them. Hands down this is my favorite job ever. It is always a good gig to work with my husband and to build things that we can be proud of. But sometimes I just really love the finished peice. It is a clair style twin over twin set of bunks in an L. This is a close up of the dresser. We have only done one other like it, that was the one for the Clairamy that went to Texas. I love the beadboard on the drawer fronts. But the thing that just puts this one over the top for me is the color. It is Early American and I love it. It looks so good in their room. Perfect.
I loved this bed as we were working on it, but when we had it all set up and I saw it in it's new home I was just in awe of how great it looked. This is a boys bed in a boys room. It just turned out really nice. Ok I will quit now. Up next is the other bed we just delivered it was also a Clair, a full size loft with a new take on stairs, and a new desk design. I will get those up as soon as I can.

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