Monday, February 15, 2010

Full size Clair

I know this is not a bed, the bed is below. We never ever take pictures of other peoples kids that just feels wrong. Even though we do see some beautiful little ones when we deliver beds and they are usually very excited about their new bed. But I thought I might get away with a picture of a pet. My husband can't remember the name of the cat but he had to take a picture. I think that all three of our cats would not out way this one. He just looks so easy going like he is just there to watch the show. Anyway, scroll down to see the bed.
As promised, here are some pictures of the full size Clair we just delivered. These stairs are a new twist. They are all shelves and cubby holes instead of drawers. It is amazing how many ways you can use the same space. This is another new thing for this bed. This is a writing desk that folds down. So there can either be more play area or a desk. He thought long and hard on this one, but in the end it turned out great and worked well.

Obviously this is the desk up.

Here is the whole thing set up.

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