Saturday, April 7, 2012

What have we been up to?

Well, a lot actually, of course we still build beds, but we have added a few new tricks as well. We are still taking orders to sell directly and to do custom work. But we also build furniture for a small store in Fredericktown, MO called Reggie's Store. These are some of the things we have made for them.
I love these little Islands/bar tables. They are awsome. For the store we make them fairly standard as to size and color and you can go there today and buy one or look at them. But we can custom build them to any size and change the tile and color to what you are looking for.
I apparently like them so much that I put the picture in twice. I would like to say I'm just out of practice but we all know that is not true. I have done this several other times as well. These lovely pictures were taken at Reggie's store in fact.

This is one of the coolest things we have done for them, this is a tv stand or entertainment center. The wolves are metal signs. There are several other's to choose from. The next one we make will be with John Wayne. Also they don't have to have anything on the doors, infact the doors can be left off entirely. I think this one is sold, but there are others there right now, or we can make one just for you in any color and the size you want. Like everything we build they are solid wood, in this case cabinet grade plywood. Never ever particle board.

This may be my favorite thing ever. It is an old fashioned pie safe. We put punched tin in the doors. It was very fun. This one and one other are available now at Reggie's. We would love to play more with the punched tin. I think it could be cool for a wine rack with a grape motif.

Of course we have done more than that but it may take time to catch up. Next post I will try to put up some more of the bar tables we have done for the store. They are fun to do and solid wood so they should last. I will also catch up on some of the other stuff, like fires, construction at our house and other things. And of course all the bed styles are still available. The plans for the Ciera toddler beds are available and we almost have plans for Jeffery style twin bunks ready to go. If you would like information about anything you see here, send us an email at

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