Friday, April 13, 2012

Bar tables and tee shirt stands

We are always looking for a good thing to do with our scrap wood. It is just too nice to throw away, and you only need so much kindling. We thought about toys, but we would have to buy some tools to be serious about that. This I think is our best idea so far. So far we have sold 18 of them. As promised, Bar tables. So far we have done two kinds. This is the first step in the first kind. It is round. But it starts out square.

Then it is round.

It ends up pretty cool. We only made the top of this one, it is for sale at Reggie's Store in Fredericktown, MO. The owner made the base himself. He did a pretty cool one and says we can use his design. If you were interested in this style just let us know, we can get you pricing and more about it.

This one is all us. It is 36 inches tall. We really love it. There is some storage on the bottom, or a place for your feet. Like everything we do, we can make the color any you like, or adjust the hight.

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