Friday, April 27, 2012

Proof we build more than beds

This is a commercial display stand.  It is going to display soap, but it could display other things.  I think I will put an add on Craigslist  who knows, someone may want one.  This one is made of oak, but it could be made of pine to keep the price down.  Also as always we can make changes to suit particular needs.  It could be taller, longer, could have more shelves, or any other change you wanted.
Up next, we have a set of Jeremy style bunk beds coming up.  As well as a big build day at my parents house on May 5th.  I will post some of those pictures as well.  Oh yeah and we are making a tv stand with John Wayne in the doors.  Lots of fun.  I may even get some pictures of our babies up.  Our house has been turned into a nursery lately.  My dad gave the kids two goslings that hatched out late, and our cat had kittens this morning.  So at last count we have two goslings, and four kittens.  Not to mention the four kids, three dogs and the three adult cats.  Wow it seems like a lot when you put it in print.

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