Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fire, a hippo and mattresses

I know at first glance these things don't seem to  go together at all.  But if you bear with me you may see that they are really very random and one actually has nothing to do with the others.
 My parents had a fire in January.  I have not posted much about it for many reasons.  Mostly I think because it was just too much.  I am still not going to dwell on it, but wanted to post a couple pictures so that when I post some of the new house, which is being built by volunteers there will be some context.  Also there are a couple things we will be doing that I want to post on here that we would not have done if not for the fire.  One is a cool table for my mom.  My hubby has really outdone himself on it.  A new porch swing that my niece is having made for them.  She remembers sitting on the porch in the swing when she was little and wants them to have a new one.  And last we are going to be building the cabinets for them and I will be posting some pictures of those.
 I think the pictures of the fire speak for themselves.  It was a total loss.  My parents were very fortunate to get our as it happened at 3:00am.  The dogs that woke them up and saved them were not as fortunate.  And now they are starting from scratch at 70 and 75.  That is the best part, they are both here to start over together.
I threw in the hippo because pictures of fires are depressing.  How can a hippo not make you smile.  Especially this one.  It is at Homassassa springs in FL.  We took the kids there and this naughty hippo has a habit of backing up to the wall where the people are and then just exploding out of the back end.  If you go there do not stand too close to the wall!

Now Mattresses.  We now have a source for mattresses.  So if you are buying beds from us and you are in need of mattresses ask, we may be cheaper, or not but it does not hurt to ask.  We can not include them in a payment plan at this time because we have to pay for them up front.  Also we do not cary them in stock so we need to have lead time to order them.

If you have any questions or want to place an order you can email us at

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