Thursday, September 30, 2010


I just was looking at the newspaper add for a furniture store locally that was advertising Free financing. I read the fine print. If you are late on a payment or don't pay it off in 12 months you have to pay 25% interest from the day you bought it. That seems a little bit deceptive to me. So we have started to finance, (yes I do know how to spell it, I just don't know how to edit the page now that I posted it). Here is the deal, we don't want to make more money than we do making the beds. We will not charge interest, there are no penalties. It's just that we do realize that it is hard for many people to come up with cash to buy anything. Honestly if we were trying to buy beds for our kids from us it may not happen if we had to have cash. And we don't use credit cards, it seems we might not be the only ones in the world who are tired of giving money to the credit card companies. So if you are interested in financing your purchase click on the misspelled page to the left and take a look at the terms, if you have any questions let us know.

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