Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cecelia's Bed

We delivered this Jeremy twin loft to Cecelia on Saturday, and we forgot our camera, again. Her mom was kind enough to take these pictures and email them to us. She had to get in the closet to get some of them, I think that counts as way above and beyond for a customer. A huge thank you for the work and for the pictures. They look great. We did not build the doll house. But I must say it looks good under our bed.
I always love the little people who we deliver beds to. They are so excited and happy to have a new bed, and Cecelia was no exception. I think we may have heard her giggling the whole time we were setting up the bed. If you can't hear an adorable little giggle at your place of employment I suggest looking for a new job, you would be surprised what a difference it makes in the whole day if you can hear giggling for an hour straight

This was the first time we put the stairs and the bookshelf at the same end of the bed. It looks great I think.

These fancy little feet are an option on the Jeremy style twin loft, we do not use them on a full loft. If you want them you need to let us know when you order. They do add something especially on a girls bed. Thank you again for the great pictures!


  1. The legs *are* a nice touch. I *love* the bookcase at the stair end. It's like having a fancy treehouse in your own bedroom! Nice job.

  2. Hi My Name is Becca - I follow your blog from time to time - we plan on placing an order as soon as we can find out the gender of our baby on board so that we can make a final decision about what we are doing with bedrooms.

    Anyway - I just read your post about needing to put all the styles into one post every now and then... well, my friend showed me that there is a new feature on blogger where you can add an additional page and its really easy to do. That would be perfect to have a link to the styles always at hand - and then you can still keep up with your blog as usual.

    You just go to LAYOUT - POSTING - EDIT PAGES then click on NEW PAGE.

    So just an FYI


  3. Thank you so much for the tip, I am not a real computer genious and can always use all the help I can get! Also congrats on a new little one Hope all goes well for you and the kiddo.

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