Friday, April 30, 2010

some days

Do you ever get a song stuck in your head? I do sometimes it drives me crazy and I just have to go to you tube and listen to the song, that sometimes helps. Others I have to listen to anything else. My husband hates it when I share the song stuck in my head because it seems to be contagious. Although sometimes the songs that get stuck in my head are so random and obscure he has no idea what they are. Today it is "Some Days" by Meridith Brooks. I doubt he would ever get that one stuck in his head. So I will have to suffer alone. Anyway I thought I would fallow the theme in my head and tell you about some of my recent days. My little girl picked me wildflowers the other day, and then took pictures of them. I loved the flowers, of course and I thought the pictures weren't bad so I am sharing.
I did find batteries (read that my husband found batteries) for the camera. So here are some pictures of the bed we delivered last. It is a Jeremy twin loft with a bookshelf. The color is honey pine. It matched the other furniture in the room quite well. They were happy, we were happy, (read relieved it is a little stressful trying to match other finishes)

Our customer noticed the little dark circle of the plugs. That is cool, my hubby knowing how much I love the contrast used oak dowel to make the plugs and they turned out very cool. So cool she noticed and cool she read enough of the blog to know about them.

Yesterday and today I have been taking care of a sick hubby. I knew he didn't feel good yesterday but I just expected the normal icks. I completely forgot about our oldest staying after school, so when he called I rushed off with the other kids to get him. I was an hour late because of the fact I forgot and they are doing construction on the road and I was stuck. ("some days are better than others....some days whatever") So when we got back hubby was in his chair with a blanket shivering. It was like 80 inside so I took his temp and it was 104. Not good for a grown up. I gave him a dose of fever reducer, waited nothing still 104, gave him more, waited nothing still 104. Then I made him take a cool bath for about 15 mins, he told me he did not like me, which I told him was ok because I know he loves me. Then checked him again, still 104. Then I made him put ice packs on his neck and under his arms, he did not like me again. It came down to 103! Before bed I gave him more fever meds and at about 1:30 he was not hot to the touch anymore. This morning it was only 101, we can live with that. He is in bed. I am pretty sure he has the same thing our youngest had last week. He just can't get a little sick, when he does it he does it all the way.

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