Thursday, May 6, 2010

Big news here

Our chickens had chickens. I can't answer the question for the whole world but in our case the chicken came before the egg. Last year we bought some chicks and raised them up and now our chickens have hatched out chicks. They are much better at it than we are, we tried the incubator thing last year and we were not so good at it. I forget how many eggs we put in, but we got two to hatch out and they both died in a couple days.
The kids are so excited. I think in their minds they are like grandparents because their chickens have chicks. We had three sitting? or is it setting? anyway three of them had eggs, then the first one's nest got raided by something and all those were gone. Also we have a cat that I don't trust, he was a stray that showed up and he is a good mouser but I think he would hunt anything that moved. So we decided when the second one's hatched out to take them and keep them safe till they are a little bigger. It is amazingly difficult to convince a hen that you will be able to take better care of her chicks than she will! As I bent down to pick one up, she jumped on my head it is not like the most painful thing in the world to have a hen jump on your head but it does hurt.
She was so upset that she went and kicked hen number three off her eggs and stole them. We decided we had rocked the boat enough and let them work it out. Now today when we got home she has hatched the second nest out. Now we have to decide if we are going to let her keep these and see how it goes or take them too. I do know one thing, if they are getting taken away it must be Freddy's turn to go get them.

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