Tuesday, May 18, 2010

one mom, lots of good ideas

At some point in our lives we all end up trying to make the best of what could be an inconvenient situation. And when we are the mom we try hard to make it the best we can for our little ones. The situation of our customer was not by any means a bad thing. They are (perhaps by now they have already had) expecting their fourth baby. The delima comes in because the first three were boys and the fourth one has had the good taste to be a girl. So when you only have two rooms for the kids the boys have to go together and the girl gets her own, of course right. So she ordered from us three very cool loft beds. She had some great ideas to make sure that each one has a very cool space all his own even if it is in the same room as his two brothers. She did some things that I can't believe no one else had done yet. First she had a small writing desk put on each one, as far from his brother's as possible. We have done other kinds of desks, several in fact but not a very simple one like this.
Her next awesome idea was to add a clothes rod, closet rod, hanger rod? I don't know what to call it, we all have one in our closet I have never until now called it anything weird. Okay I'm back sorry, I again am amazed that no one else has wanted that, it is a great idea. Freddy made the little support in the middle so I had to take a picture of it.

She bought these cool things for them to put clothes in. The school they go to has uniforms so she is thinking they can have their uniforms in them and they will be handy for climbing out of bed and into school clothes. Smart mom.

Overall I think they turned out great. I can see each of them making the space under their bed their own. She even let each of them choose a color for their wall.

Up next another mom's solution to three girls in one room. The best part of what we do is I get to see every one else's great ideas and then I can make use of them myself. The next mom had a great idea that I just might have to steal.

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    We ordered a bed to be delivered this saturday. I tried to email you, but the email was returned as undeliverable. Do you have a new email?