Wednesday, April 28, 2010

some house news

We have had so much going on I have neglected blogging. So on the bed front we are still behind and the transmission went out on out truck and that is further complicating things. So bed pictures are going to be a little slow in coming. We are working on beds, I have some pictures of our last delivery on the camera but my kids left the camera on and the batteries are dead so I cant download them. I will get there. We are getting caught up slowly. We are working on three Clair beds and a toddler bed from Etsy. We are really trying to get caught up on those. We are still not advertising for new work just yet.

Our plan is to get our minivan back on the road and use it for deliveries. Which will change the nature of our delivery abilities somewhat. We will not be able to deliver the bigger beds anymore. So we will focus on twin and toddler size beds as well as the kitchens. Hopefully we can stay busy enough with those things. Now on to the house. We are actually close to physically moving onto our own corner of my dad's farm. We have two more walls up. And thanks to my parents we have water up there. Today they are delivering the rest of the concrete we need to pour the rest of our footing for the foundation. That will allow us to get the power hooked up at the least expensive rate possible. So we have been very busy on that project.

But the thing that puts us very close to moving is a camping trailer that my brother bought while he was here last week. It is 30 feet long, a 1985 and it has a working bathroom with a shower and a kitchen. He is letting us use it and that makes it possible for us to move up there. A shower and a kitchen really make a huge difference. We are very grateful for his kindness. So that will help us make the transition more smoothly till we are further along.
I am looking froward to just being there. Lately it has seemed that we have been mentally and physically in two places. And that just gets exhausting, and generally impedes any progress. I am hopping that physically inhabiting only one space will make that more simple and help us to be able to focus on what we need to get done.

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