Friday, August 6, 2010

Back to work

No pictures today, just me typing on some one elses computer.

We are back to work. Summer was a bit slow and crazy so far. With our move sort of dominating things. Have you ever done something and then just looked back and thought wow that was terrible? That is how our move ended up being. Somehow it just did not go the way we thought it would when we started, but everything does come to an end, both good and bad things. We are getting used to the rhythm of life with a generator. When it runs we do everything, laundry, charge batteries for the lights, charge cell phones, vacuum, and cut the kids hair. We are hoping to get regular power soon for the wood shop. We are going to sell a car I think, anyone want to buy a Chevy Lumina?

When things get slow you start thinking maybe we should do something else. I have to say though that I am very glad that things are picking up. Once you find something you love to do it is hard to think of giving it up. I do love working with my husband at home. I love that when I am done with my work I can look at something visible and see what I have done. It is great to see a nice shiny new bed and know that we did that with our own hands.

The summer was not a waste though, we have had a lot of time with the kids and that is never a waste of time. Hopefully I will get some pictures up next time from my own computer. I have a great picture from a customer in Texas. The amazing part for us of the picture is how they got the whole bed in the picture, we tried to get decent pictures in the room and could not. So I have to post it just to show off her talent.

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