Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some new ideas

We have a couple new ideas. First one is a bed kit. This is for example the kit for the Ciera Toddler bunk beds. We have it for sale on Etsy and you can order it direct by sending us an email at We could do this for any bed you see on our blog. We can still deliver locally for free, or we can ship it anywhere. It will save you on the price of the bed and if you have some time and a couple tools you can put it together yourself. So if you are interested in a kit for any bed you see here just let us know by sending us an email. You would get all of the wood pieces, drilled, cut, sanded and ready to put together. Instructions and if you are local all the hardware you need. If we are shipping you can get the hardware cheaper locally to you than paying us and paying shipping. Idea number two. Plans for beds. So far we only have the plans for this Ciera style bunk bed set. It is actually a lot of work to get them together but kind of fun too. If you are interested in these, send us an email at we will let you know how to order a set. We can either email them to you or send you a disk. They include a list of the things you must purchase, the tools you need to use, the cuts you must make and instructions with pictures to make things a little clearer, hopefully.
So let us know if you are interested in either of those things. Next time I will post some of what is going on for us besides beds.

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