Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just a quick blog today. We are on the run. This is a little toddler bed we did that I love, it has two drawers underneath. It is cool. We have gotten back to busy pretty fast. We had three little beds that got in a loop from before out move. This is the one that was ordered first. It is very good to get it ready to ship out. We still have two more, one is not a Ciera style which is cool. It has seemed like all the toddlers we have done have been Ciera style and all this color for some reason. So we have one comming up that is neither a Ciera style or this color. It is a Jeffery and it will be early american. Pictures of it stained will be next.

The kids have started school now so we are getting into a normal working routine again. We love the quiet but it is strange when they are all gone.

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