Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gotta Start Somewhere

So I have had a lot of people ask what do you build, my answer is almost always Mostly Beds. So here we are. I'm hopping that if I keep up on this that it will end up being a nice collection of what we are working on.

Here is the basics of our story. My husband has worked in construction since he was in High School. We recently moved from Washington state to rural Missouri. There is just not much in the way of work in construction. So we tried several things to generate income from home. One of them was to build a set of simple bunk beds and put it on craigslist. We have pretty much been busy building beds ever since.

We usually build durring the week and deliver on Friday. Of course this first week we are not building a bed after my whole long thing about mostly beds. This week a sweet elderly woman asked us to build her a stand for her tv. So here is a picture of it. It is upside down on the workbench so you have to turn it over in your mind. He is working on the bottom so it kinda has to stay that way. Next time it will be the right way.

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