Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jeremy coming along nicely

So the new style is coming along nicely. This is what the head and foot boards look like. Except that the legs are not on yet. The bolt for the leg has to go through the dowel that is holding the frame together at the bottom, so the let can not be put on until the glue has a chance to completely set up. They will go on tomorrow. Both ends are done, I only took pictures of one because the other looks just like it. So if you wanted this style of bed as a twin loft this is just what the head and footboard would look like, tomorrow we will add the desk and the shelves and then it will look completely different. I don't know if it shows very well in the picture below but the tops of the posts have some shape to them, they are not square at the top.
Also notice that the posts are larger in this style than in the others. This will be a very sturdy style. It also just looks nice with the arch for it to be in the center of the post rather than flush with it.

Tomorrow we will be putting it together for the exact measurements of the desk and shelves. So look for those tomorrow.

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