Thursday, September 3, 2009

rough in of desk and shelf

So even though the bed itself is done, we are not quite finished. These are some pictures from the rough fit of the desk and one of the shelves. These are options that you can add to any of our loft beds. So again not the best pictures but I am hopping to give the idea of how it is going. So here there is going to be a false front with another leg. On the false front will be a frame that you can put a mirror or cork board or what ever makes you happy into. It will give the front of the bed a more finished look as well as being cool.
Obviously the desk is just sitting there. It will have trim on the edges of it. So this is what the basic writing surface looks like. You can order any of our loft beds with one of these added, just like this. This one will be a little more detailed. It will have a drawer like for a keyboard. And it will have two more sets of shelves, one at the foot end and the other over by the other shelf. Trust me it will make more sense when it is done.

From the inside looking out at the shelf.

From the outside looking in through the shelf. So far we are loving it. We are so grateful that we get to do this for a living. It is the coolest thing that our wonderful customers keep letting us have so much fun making cool stuff and we even get paid. Thanks to all of them. Of course it is not always all fun and games. My poor husband, the last couple weeks he has had dental problems that have been very painful and now the munchkins have given him a cold. He feels like he is stuck in slow motion. But overall the project is still going ahead. And it is looking great.

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