Saturday, September 12, 2009

Two beds in one.

I have really been looking foreword to this build. I love how creative people can be and I hope that we are making what she saw in her head. Mostly I think I want it to go well because her husband told her that this idea would not work. Being a wife who often comes up with crazy ideas I'm really hopping that she can always have this as the crazy idea that worked out just fine. So her idea is to have the beds be low loft beds at first but knowing that kids grow and change what they like she wanted to have the ability to turn the bed over and have a twin bed. So here is how it is working out. This a close shot of the post she asked that we angle it to give it a little detail so that looks great.
And of course I got the pictures backwards. This way is the twin bed frame. The cross piece is really important for safety when it is a loft. But I think it will make a cool bed.

This is the loft way. This is such a great idea. I just love it. I may have to steal it for my own little girl. I think it is always great when you get two things in one.

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