Saturday, June 20, 2009

Next week

Next week will be a busy week, we are going to deliver Two full size Ciera loft beds and one James style twin loft. Again these will be good examples of custom work. The James loft will have a different ladder configuration than normal. I'm posting a picture of how it usually is then when we have finished it you can see what is different about this one. The customer liked the look of our ladder on the full size loft better than the twin. Also one of the Ciera lofts will be painted white. We can paint any color, all we need is for you to go to lowes or home depot and pick what you like then give us the name or number and we can get it. This one is just a paticular brand of white paint but my favorite was one we did pink. The same is true of stain if you find a shade you like, or you know what shade the other furniture in a room is we can use that shade.

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