Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A word about ordering and payment

Two questions we often get asked are "how do we order?" and "how do we pay". I thought that maybe I would try answering it here. First of all to place an order we need you to let us know what it is you want to order, who you are and where you are. So we need your name and address (this tells us where to bring your order and helps us to schedule you on the same day as other people who live near you.) Also a phone number that we can reach you on the day we are delivering, sometimes we get lost or break down or get stuck in traffic and need to let you know what is going on. You can give us this information by sending an email go fhlunsford@msn.com. When we get this from you we send you a return email confirming your order and giving you the total and the delivery day.

Next comes the part where you pay us. We feel like there are a lot of scams out there. No kidding every time we place an add on Craigslist we get a version of a scam wanting us to accept payment in the form of a check that they will mail to us because they are away on business, or my favorite on their honeymoon, (who shops online for bunk beds on their honeymoon?) So in order to make sure that everyone feels comfortable with the transaction we do the payment part in full on delivery. It just makes more sense that way you the customer get to see what you are paying for and we get payment from a real person. Admittedly it is not a perfect plan we have had a couple people flake out, sometimes after we have built the beds and that is inconvenient for us. However normally we end up making money and the customer ends up getting what they wanted so it mostly works.

Now how to pay, we always accept cash. But we can also accept payments through paypal using a debit or credit card. However we do add 5% to those payments to cover the fees that paypal charges us. So it is great if you can let us know ahead of time that you want to pay that way. Still though there is no need to make those payments until we show up with a piece of furniture and it is what you wanted. You can always ask us questions either on here or through email.

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