Monday, July 13, 2009

Captains bed is comming along

After working on it all day I'm not sure if the pictures will be any more exciting to look at than the pile of wood from this morning, but we did get a lot done and we are happy with how it is going. These are the pieces for the drawers, the long ones are sides and the short ones are the front and back. These are the frames where the drawers will slide in and out, this is the part that will get stained and will actually show. That is my hand.
There they are all sanded, but I think that they make more sense in the above picture standing up.

These are the inner frames that you will not see once the bed is set up.

I just think that these little ones are cute!

If this happens to be your bed and you would like pictures of it in the works, feel free to download them. If this or any other bed on our blog is not your bed, but you have looked at the pictures and have thought to yourself "I could do this myself", but you would like to have some of the pictures as a reference, please feel free to download them. We are happy to share, and if you should happen to have any questions you don't have to be shy, just ask. What we do is no big secret, and we will gladly help you if we can.
Tomorrow we should have the bed put together, I will try to remember to take some pictures before we start to stain it. The stain is going to be ebony which is really black. I think it will look really good and since it is for a teenage boy it will be great. But I want to put up some pictures of just the wood as well.

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