Saturday, July 18, 2009

Completed Captains bed

Our wonderful customer let us take some pictures after the bed was set up in her son's room. We never would have gotten such good pictures if she hadn't so a big thank you to her. We were very happy with how it turned out and we were very glad that the customer agreed with us. When the customer is happy and we are happy and we get some pictures to boot then the day is just about perfect.

I loaded this one twice it is not your imagination.

A few technical notes, this is a full size captains bed. The color is ebony and it has twelve drawers. The mattress is not included it was theirs. We do not usually include the handles on the drawers. We feel like that is something that you might like to pick out yourself to match your decor. There are so many really cool options out there we don't want you to feel limited by our choice. We do predrill the drawer fronts so that all you need to put them on is a screwdriver. If you are interested in buying this bed, or something similar just send us an email at We can talk price and we love to hear your ideas.

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